3 weeks in to huel

Just an update on my huel journey so far! I have a huel shake for lunch (2 scoops) with almond milk and some ice cubes. Sometimes I throw a banana in if I can afford the cals! I use my fitness pal to track my cals and have a 500 cal deficit! Started at 66.1 kg and now sitting at 64.8kg! Not massive but I also don’t feel like I’m having to starve myself! Huel has helped focus me on my cals and means I don’t have to think about faffing about with lunches!!! I’m definitely sticking with it!!


This is so awesome to hear, Jacqui! Thank you for the feedback. Almond milk and ice sound decadent - love your style. Keep up with the steady weight loss, that sounds good - how long have you been in a deficit for?

Stick with it and keep us posted on how you get along :slight_smile:

Been in deficit for 3 weeks now and feeling good for it! The huel has been a godsend. Really like the product!! Will certainly be maintaining this as a life change even when I do get to my target weight!