I made a video review for Huel

I’m just getting back in to making a few video reviews, finished my review of Huel yesteday. I’m no nutritionist so can’t really go into in depth info about specifics. But I can compare to living off Joylent for a week last year and my general experience.

Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNAauKLwy8A
Written Review is here: http://review-everything.co.uk/huel-review/

Compared to Joylent though, Huel is just better. It tastes better, it’s easier to order and quicker to deliver. I never re-ordered Joylent but I will re-order Huel. Guess i’m preaching to the wrong ppl here tho!

Anyway. Hope you enjoy, sorry if I drone on a bit!!


Hey Rog,

Just watched your video, it’s great! Thanks so much for the feedback, and glad to hear your enjoyed Huel.

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Excellent review, Rog! You’ve done this before, haven’t you! :slightly_smiling:

I actually subscribed to your YT channel.

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thanks for the sub :slight_smile: I’ve done a bit before but still feel nervous putting them online, esp with so much stuff facing the camera. Glad you enjoyed tho!

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