Brand new to Huel - review videos coming up

Hello, everyone. I’m Terry and I’m based in South Wales.

I’ve been researching and trying these kinds of foods for about a year and a half now, and posting my findings on YouTube videos. (link to my channel is at the bottom of this post).

So far I’ve tried and reviewed:

  • Soylent
  • Joylent
  • 100% FOOD
  • Jake

You can see what I thought of these in my videos (among all the random geek content!)

I’m about to do a series of reviews of HUEL, and I’ll post my thoughts and results up as often as I can. Please feel free to leave comments and questions under the videos as they come up.

My Youtube Channel:


Okay, so it hasn’t gone at all well as planned - NOT the fault of Huel, I might add…


Bad luck, man, bad luck. Look forward to your review. Remember and keep the cooker switched off

Yes indeed. But this evening, I have managed to try a cupfull of non-charred Huel, and so far, it’s very nice. :slight_smile:

Here’s my first taste of Huel:


@Terry_Cooper - don’t feel bad I think it’s a pretty common mistakes. I got a delivery of shopping from Tesco, and ran out of worktop space so put some bags on the hob top (it’s electric so a flat top), and knocked the hob on by mistake. 10 minutes latest the kitchen was full of really, really bad smelling plastic smoke, horrible. I thought the house was burning down.

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That’s exactly what happened to me too. :confounded:

Nice review Terry. I think you are a natural at doing these kinds of videos. Also, it’s interesting that you have tried other similar products.

I tried making my own version of Soylent a while back due to the frustration of not being able to get it in the UK. I never quite got the recipe right. Now I’m absolutely delighted that we have our own UK equivalent to Soylent. And I think it’s better, because no soya or maltodextrin.

I think it’s only a matter of time before Huel really takes off. And I think the naysayers of these kinds of drinks don’t really understand it. It’s not so much about totally replacing a well-prepared healthy meal. It’s more about making fast food much healthier.

The truth is, most people don’t eat healthily at every meal. This has got to be far better than burgers, ready meals, cakes, chocolate bars, etc. And it’s by far the quickest and easiest way to have a super healthy breakfast.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here…

Cheers mate. Soylent got me interested in this entire idea, but it was a let down - ‘cold coffee’, was the only impression it made. Huel and Joylent are very similar, and Huel has a few advantages to it - being in the UK the biggest I think. Joylent has a less sweet (slightly nicer) taste. But the guys at Huel are addressing it as we speak.

I think I first became aware of this kind of thing about 2 years ago, when I first read a news story about Rob Rhinehart saying about how he lived on his liquid diet for a month. At first I thought it was a bit mad. I think for many people it takes some getting used to as an idea.

But it makes total sense. Why not make healthy food much easier. If eating healthy is more hassle than eating unhealthily, most people choose the latter most of the time.

I still love my Friday evening stir fries though. Chinese stir fry mix, pine nuts, pasta sauce, a few spoons of gravy powder for extra flavour. Goes down a treat.

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Third video after a day of Huel.:

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Okay, now that the disaster has passed, I’m ready to begin again. I’ve been consuming Huel approximately once a day to kind of get me into it and now I’m going for the full 3x meals a day.

Here’s the introductory video, shot today on 1st September 2015, but I plan an immediate follow-up on the 2nd Sept. As always, feel free to comment or ask me any questions.

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@Terry_Cooper I’m interested to follow how you get on with Huel and compare it to my own experiences.

I’m usually consuming it for all but my evening meal. But I do that by imagining that I would be eating 5 times a day and have 4 bottles, with bottle 5 replaced by an evening meal. This may sound like a lot, but it seems to be what works for me at the moment. I’m not too concerned by accurate measurements at this stage, because I’m around my ideal weight anyway (and quite physically active), so I neither need to lose or gain weight.

One thing I would say though is that drinking it slowly keeps me going longer. I know you said you just like to down it quickly, but in my experience it doesn’t keep me going as long if I drink it quickly.

I feel for you about the join problems though. I’ve had knee problems in the past. For a low impact exercise, have you considered swimming?

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Hi Marcus. Sadly, I never learned to swim, and even now water terrifies me. :confused: I know, big wuss.

Here’s my video for today…


The bit about not having any scales made me laugh. I was genuinely waiting for you to say what your weight was, and then when you just casually shrugged it off like that, I thought that was funny.

Regarding swimming: have you considered wearing arm bands? :laughing:

My friday vid - cravings vs sweetness, bathroom business and a bad star wars gag.


Thanks for another video Terry.

Regarding stool consistency, mine seem to be just the same but smell different. HOWEVER, I have noticed far less gas throughout the day when consuming Huel.

Brilliant :smile: @Terry_Cooper

A fantastic honest series of reviews, informative straightforward and open about your experiences

I think @Marcus was right in saying that you are a natural at these

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Thanks Gary! I still feel I’ve got a long way to go to becoming a competent YouTuber though!

Sunday video as promised…