First Huel filled weekend


I recently (last Monday 29th) went deep with Huel and ordered 112 meals which I was planning to use 90% as a meal replacement for the month. If I got on with it, I would probably subscribe.

I would add that i do not like DPD, the driver didnt even knock or ring the bell, However the team at Huel were great on social media/e-mail and i got my delivery the very next day, first thing in the morning!

Last month, after reading about Soylent last year and rediscovering it last month, ordered 20 Jake (shakes/Food) to test it out. I found that Jake was extremely covenant, tasted and mixed great and was separated into pouches containing 33% of your RDA. After reading some more on Soylent, though my week of Jake, a number of forum posts (mainly on Reddit and here) suggested that Huel has the same ingredients as Jake, was based in the UK and was cheaper. So once my Jake supply was running out I took the plunge and ordered a months’ worth.

Initially after the first shake, I had HUGE amounts of buyer’s remorse, I looked up the returns policy and wondered what I would do after spending £160 on food for the month which I don’t want to eat. The taste for me when comparing my previous experience with Jake was awful. There was a bitter taste after swallowing (that’s what she said) - it tastes more like a watery slurry and was lumpy! not a great start.

That evening, I had my second Huel, I added a chocolate flavour (don’t remember which exactly. Macca?? I don’t know). It was better, but I didn’t want to be eating/drinking something on an evening meal which tasted like chocolate. Also when comparing my Jake experience which was just a pure vanilla flavour, I thought I shouldn’t really have to add a flavour?

At this point, I wasn’t a massive fan of Huel, The flavour wasn’t great, the taste was awful and I felt I had wasted all this money. In addition to the taste, it was quite lumpy, not the smooth experience when compared to Jake! That night I tried making a shake and leaving in the fridge overnight as I had heard that a colder shake was better and I was hoping similar to overnight oats, the lumps might go?

Fast forward to Sunday, I am starting to actually not mind the taste of Huel, i dont love it, but its alright. However I am still getting lumps, and I have tried various amounts of water. I have weighed Huel and measured the water as instructed on the instructional videos, however I just cannot make a lump free shake. The best lump free shakes are the ones which I leave overnight, but they still have some lumps.

In concussion, following my weekend (starting Thursday evening) of around 8/9 Huel shakes, I am now coming around to the taste. However when compared to my previous experience, the shake isn’t as smooth as I would like. Also when compared to Jake - I find that there is always 10ml left which pools at the bottom of the shaker, whereas with Jake I can consume around 98% of it. However Huel doesn’t cling to the sides of the shaker.

I love the idea of Huel/Soylent, it’s extremely covenant, and you can be confidant in that you are getting 100% of what you need. You no longer need to spend time shopping, Washing up or preparing a meal. I hear that it’s also Vegan (I think) along with some other good stuff - if you’re into that sort of thing. I also understand the fact that Huel is marketed as flexible meal replacement – you can have as much or as little Huel in your life as you want – (However I just want 3 lots of 100% of my RDA).

In addtion, my flatulents are better on Huel than Jake, and Huel doesnt contain maltodextrin which is bad because of a high GI count, which is bad?

With all that said, I want to love Huel more, I have some questions for the community;

Does anyone have any tips on making Huel as smooth as possible?
I don’t want to use a blender, I can’t/don’t have one at work or if I am out an about
do you live in a hard water area? do you use filtered water?

How do people ensure they get 100% of their RDA?
at three meals a day I calculate you need around 166.6g of Huel, However the scoop is 38g, no I don’t want to have 4 or 5 meals a day)
I’d like to take as much thinking out of it as i can, i’d rarther not spend time getting scales out and weighing powder 3/4 times a day
Why isn’t the scoop 25g so that you can easily calculate the suggested serving size of 100g or 125g

What ratio of Huel to water do you find works best for you?

On the package, it says mix 5:1 Water to Huel?
what’s the ratio based on? 5 scoops of water is around 450 - 550ml -with one scoop of Huel seems ridiculous

How do you transport Huel for work etc?
One of the wonders of Jake was that I could put 3 sachets into my work bag, even if I ended up going out for drinks or somewhere not at home, I could always ensure I had my meals covered

Does Huel contain all 9 Amino Acids?

Amino acids -

Water ratio and generally very useful -

Some people have found a wire ball you can add to the mixer helps mix it. I add a bit of plant milk which may not be practical away from home.

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Honestly, i just blend mine so I don’t get lumps. You may not have a blender with you, but you can make it before you leave and stick it in the fridge at work. Adding instant coffee really improves the taste of it too, or adding in a probiotic yoghurt drink. The yoghourt drink makes it taste smoother too.

My usual mis is 400-450ml water with 2 scoops of huel, but I have not got onto v2.2 which is supposed to be thicker when mixed.

In terms of RDA I don’t actively try, I just have 2 scoops of huel twice per day and then lunch from the cafe at work, or if I fancy food I just have it.

You can pre-mix huel and just re-shake in any container before drinking, it would work in a flask to help keep it cold too.

Don’t really have answers for your other questions, hope you found this helpful.

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