And so our journey begins

Hi all, new hueler here.

I’ve just returned to London after two weeks business trip to Seattle. Not wanting to go grocery shopping and cooking in an unknown place, I’ve decided to try this “Soylent” thing I’ve heard about. Ordered a few bottles, and quickly it because my go-to meal for breakfast and dinner (with lunch eating at work).
Realizing I’ll want to continue with this when I’m back home, I’ve ordered a week’s worth of huel to wait for me here when I land.
I’ll have my first Huel dinner tonight, properly blended in a blender as it seems it’s the consensus here for best taste. If it’s as good as the Soylent I had in Seattle, you’ll probably see a lot of me in the future.
And so our journey begins.


So I’ve had Huel for breakfast and dinner the past couple of days. Always blended. Lately with some additions.
First of all I must say, I’m using the AmazonBasics Blend and Go - and it’s super convenient. That means I do about the same amount of cleaning as I would have if I used a shaker, but I get a drink with very high consistency which I saw can be an issue for some here.

As for the Huel itself. Compared to the Soylent 2.0 that I had in Seattle, it has a much more oaty taste that’s also a bit grainy. The soylent was very smooth and creamy which I liked much better. It might have been a difference between the 2.0 and the soylent powder as well, I don’t know. Perhaps because of industrial-strength blenders in the factories?
In any case, while not as creamy it’s still very good.

The last few blends I’ve also added some dark chocolate, and some instant-coffee in the mornings, and the result is very enjoyable.
Now I’m scavenging the site for recipe ideas, and see what I’ll try next!

Any recommendations?

Some more updates!

I’ve been consistently consuming Huel at least once (usually twice) per day for the past 10 days. It’s great. Really convenient, and lets me focus on other things apart from food (and super cost-effective as well).
Started using the flavour packs too, and they add A LOT to the taste. I’d actually pick the mocha flavoured huel over a lot of the things I used to eat for breakfast anyways.
Last thing - given that I’m attempting to live a healthier life and also that Huel is still somewhat experimental, I’ve started getting regular blood tests. There’s a company called Thriva that lets you take your blood at home at mail it to them for analysis, so every three months I’ll get checked to see everything’s ok. The first test results came in and everything is between ok to good, except for a slight vitamin D deficiency. I’ll let you know if something unexpected happens the more I use Huel.

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Interesting stuff about the blood tests… I’d be interested in your future posts!

For me, I like 500ml water, 3 scoops of vanilla Huel and 1 teaspoon of banana flavouring. Blended for a nice smooth taste.

Try making it with coconut milk (the drink by Alpro, rather than the stuff you put in curry…) it was super creamy and tasty :slight_smile: