Just received my first order of Huel

So I’ve just received my first order of huel and just in time for dinner, so after 5 minutes of running around to find where I misplaced the lid of the shaker, I mixed up my first batch of Vanilla huel. I made the mistake of adding huel first then the water, which ended up in a cemented mixture at the bottom of the bottle. However a quick stir and problem solved. Personally never having tried soylent and having a really big sweet tooth I am not too keen on the taste of Huel, however once I added a teaspoon or 2 of instant coffee it was far more palatable. As for the consistency I think I may try to blend my next batch as my shaking left some lumps that are a little off putting. I feel quite pleasantly full after my first huel meal and will be replacing my breakfast and lunch with Huel for the forseeable future.