Brand new to Huel - review videos coming up

Sprinkling chia seeds and salt on it worked quite nice for me in modifying taste for the better. I share most of your observations you mention in these videos, kudos for sharing them!

@Terry_Cooper You’re going to put extra vanilla in a shake that’s already vanilla flavour? :laughing:

It reminds me of one of my school friends who used to sprinkle sugar over his bowl of frosties.

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Thanks @Terry_Cooper, I thought I was the only one who suffered from FLS (flicking lid syndrome) and I didn’t even know that you could get screw cap alternatives - I shall be googling

How are you feeling after being on Huel for a while? is the force strong

It’s going okay. So far, I seem to be stuck in a ‘2 huels + 1 meal’ per day situation. But today, I’m going for 3 huels and nothing more. (well, except tea ) :slight_smile: