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Just received my FIRST Huel package. I am a 50 year old teacher. I cycle to school every day (30 mile round trip), and run 3 times a week. My aim: to see if I can go as close to 100% Huel as my fuel. I’ll see how I get on. 100% positive to start with! I’m impressed by this forum so far -some very good information and personal experience of Huel.


Good luck!! Let us know how you get on.

No offense, but why do you want to go 100%? Even the people who make it don’t go 100%. It makes up around half my calories. I don’t think I could manage 100% if I’m honest.

Coup: no offence taken at all. Due to the nature of my job, eating through the day is near impossible! I snack on chocolate biscuits and general ‘crap.’ When I get home I eat anything that I can get my hands on because I’m so hungry. If I didn’t do so much cycling and running, I would be over weight! Huel could be the answer to my day time eating issues - hopefully! I’m going to give it a go and see what transpires. I’ll keep updating to see if it works for me. Thanks, Coup.

Thank you, Sara. I’ll keep updating the Forum to see how I get on.

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