(Another) 99.99% huel journey

I started using huel way back in the early days, somewhere between 2012 and 2014 I think. Due to working long hours in a job that provides me free food (very difficult to choose a salad over lobster or a gourmet burger!) I decided this might be for me. So I did around a month of 100% Huel. I felt the benefits as well! In the ensuing years I’ve returned to huel, but never stuck to it. In part, because the winter months weren’t catered for.

Fast forward to the present day and Huel have graciously provided a full spectrum of options! As of last week I am a fully qualified bus driver. And as I’ll be mostly warming a seat and working from a location that I’ll have to drive to, I think it’s time to take my diet and well-being in hand. I’m going full huel again!

So, the plan - I’ll be in changing shifts (but no over night shifts) so breakfast lunch and dinner will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd meals respectively, regardless of time.

RTD for breakfast - love the banana RTD and am hoping the berry is just as good.

Lunch - I’ll just have a huel bar. I’ve ordered peanut butter and coffee caramel for some variety. These bars were ok, but a little dry. However, coupled with a nice hot coffee I’m hoping they’ll be fine! (No sugar - going to try and reduce this to a bare minimum, after all 38 is my age and not my waist size and I’d like it to stay that way!)

Dinner - Hot and Savoury. I tried this a couple of months ago and the sweet and sour seemed ok but a bit too gloopy. I’ve ordered Thai green curry (already tasted and loved), tomato and basil, korma and mac’n’cheese! Dear lord, I cannot put into words how much I hope I fall in love with the latter!

My order leaves me with 4 days without RTD (I’ve subscribed with a delivery pattern of 4 weeks, as I get paid weekly) but 2 extra bars. So either this will result in 2 or 4 ‘cheat days’ where I may mix up the order and grab a takeaway as a treat. (It may be less than 99.99%, I’m a driver, not a MENSA candidate !)

Hopefully I get a route with double deckers so I have a stair case to run up and down between journeys for some exercise, but failing that, my new waterways licence and kayak will hopefully help. (Not much on exercise, until now my jobs have always provided me with more than enough!)

I’ll keep this updated as and when, in case anyone is interested. Let the healthy begin…

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Good Luck.

I’m seeing 400Cal breakfast (RTD).
200Cal lunch (Bar)
400 Cal dinner (Hot&S)

Doesn’t seem like a lot of calories?

Hey Jack, great to have you hear and raring to get involved with Huel again! Our new mac and cheeze sounds right up your street. I can see how it will be a challenge to get your exercise! You can’t just nip into your kayak at lunch! Will you get a break between shifts where you could exercise? I guess showering will be the limiting factor?

I would echo what @Bill has said about calories, 1000kcal a day isn’t a lot and it doesn’t sound like you’re trying to lose weight, even if you were 1000kcal would likely be too much of a deficit anyway. You can learn how many calories you need per day approximately by searching for a Total Daily Energy Expenditure calculator. They’re not totally accurate, but will give you a good idea of how much you need to be eating a day!

When you put it like that it doesn’t sound a lot. A couple of summers back I was going through 2 powder shakes a day. But then I always work long hours and don’t do a huge amount outside of work - to illustrate, although I’ve worked all the way through the pandemics, the first lockdown made absolutely no difference to my lifestyle at all!

I can eat, if there were no consequences I would eat to the point of bankruptcy! But I can also function quite well with relatively little food it would seem.

I guess the original post outlines my main/basic consumption. There will almost certainly be at least one apple in there, probably on the walk from the garage to the bus. There will probably be a hefty calorific intake from the fact that the coffee machines are currently free to us drivers.

Although it will annoy you I’m sure, I’m not approaching this from a scientific point of view, I just prefer to use my free time on something other than cooking/preparing food (I.e. laziness!). Also, I imagine quite often having a second bowl of h&s if I’m still feeling peckish! That generally happens quite a lot!

So worry not, I’m in no danger. Though I do have a goal of a 32-34” waist again instead of a 34-36”! Throughout June-September, 5 days a week I would have 2 powder shakes and an energy drink and maybe some biscuits in the evening, or nuts, or a cheese stick. Because of constantly running around for at least 8 hours, I became fitter and stronger than I have for a long time, I just want to get back to that again really.

OK, I get that and eating to your hunger is fine. However if starts to get tough and you find you’re tired, not able to concentrate, can’t stick to your Huel it’s probably because you aren’t eating enough! So have a bit more of something, Huel or something else nutritious!

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Fruit. All of the fresh fruit! And I want to keep a kilo of pistachios on hand as well. Plus maybe some dried fruits and some fresh vegetables to just chop and chow down on when the hunger strikes.

2015 at the earliest.

I’ll take your word - I remember the pub I was in but I was it’s manager at two separate times. Got back there around April 2015 so it must’ve been sometime after that.

Well, I’ve just shoveler the first spoonful of mac’n’cheese into my mouth and I can safely say - how can eating healthy be this good? :joy:

Also, not sure if it was because of the bumper order, a mistake, or because you guys are worried that I will waste away, but I appear to have an extra tub of protein powder that I didn’t order - for whatever reason, genuinely thankful and appreciate it. Reading the description it seems that it will make a good snack to add calories and an easy one to prepare, so I shall see if I can carry a bit with me to use for snacking whilst I’m on the road and hopefully that’ll fill the calorific gap!

Love this company, I’m glad I found it all those years ago!


You’re welcome…I guess :joy: protein for evvvvveryone!

So stoked you love the Mac & Cheeze too, it seems to be going down really really well!