Accidental 100%

I’ve been using Huel for getting on for 3 months now, pretty steadily in a routine of 2/3 Huel and then ordinary food in the evening.

Because of being out and about all day yesterday and the day before I’ve been 100% Huel for the last 2 days. So far it feels good, I’m not sure I’ll stick with it like this even most of the time, but it is good to know that my body is fine with it. I think today might be another 100% day just by way of experimenting with how it goes.

I love the ease and simplicity of this stuff. The utter lack of faff is wonderful, add to that the ability to eat nice/good food when I want to and I may be feeling more than a little evangelistic about Huel. :smile:

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Totally agree, it’s fantastically easy. Instead of skipping lunch because I’m busy at work I pack up a Huel and have it during meetings. Really good for a couple of extra minutes in bed and a quick breakfast. I’ve had 1 or 2 days where I have gone 100% Huel and have always felt fantastic. I don’t know about you but I’ve found that Huel makes you really in tune with your hunger and body. If I have ‘crap food’ I always feel how its effected my body the next day.

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The lack of cravings for rubbish food as well has been a revelation to me as well. Getting hungry yes, but not the ‘oh gods, give me something, ANYTHING! edible right now!’ has completely gone.

I keep waiting for the newbie rush of enthusiasm to wear off. Still waiting …