I cannot fault Huel

I’ve been having huel quite regularly over the past 2 or so years and still to this day - when ever I have huel for a meal - it makes me feel absolutely amazing. Perfectly full between meals, high energy, no bloating, headaches etc. I can’t replicate this feeling when eating any other type of food, no matter how healthy. It’s quite incredible how it effects me; it literally makes me think that eating other foods is slightly unnecessary and even a bit of a chore. I have the berry flavour which is by far my favourite and I just can’t seem to get sick of the taste, yet it’s not addictive in the slightest.

Could anyone think of a reason behind the positive and consistent effects huel has on me. Obviously it’s an extremely healthy meal and all but if I was to cook up something of the nutritional equivalent, it doesn’t compare to huel and makes me feel a lot worse.

Would love to hear anyone’s feedback on this, even if it maybe a bit of a weird topic with a pretty self explanatory answer.


I have nothing to add really. I also feel terrific on Huel and sometimes dread having to eat other food as it just doesn’t suit me as well. I’ve been Hueling for about three months now and am as happy as can be with it.

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It’s funny how giving our body what it needs makes it function optimally and feel amazing, isn’t it! It’s almost like we’ve gotten used to feeling trash because we feed it trash.

Re: comparing to an extremely healthy meal, I suppose it’s because Huel has a carefully calibrated proportion of nutrients & micronutrients, whereas a “healthy” meal (broccoli / chicken / eggs) is healthy but isnt nutritionally complete.


Your completely right on both points there.

I still do make the mistake of eating trash occasionally (such as today, silly me) but this really helps me to tell the difference between feeling great and feeling terrible, in order for me to make the right choice next time. I’m also grateful that my body adapts quickly to a healthy change in my diet just days after a binge. Love that.

I really envy all you ladies and gentlemen who have from Huel benefits like more energy, less bloating, better skin and hair, or pheromone emission that seduces everyone around you. :stuck_out_tongue:
I still have bloating like before Huel, still have same skin problems, same crappy sleep and RLS issues at night. But that’s not really Huel’s fault, because no matter the sherlockian solutions I’ve engineered in all the past years, none of them worked, so I think it’s how my body works.
That said, I’m still happy having found Huel because it made me loose weight, it’s super easy and convenient, it’s tasty, it’s perfect for binge-watching without shitty sweets, and it helps a lot with my gerd, since I eat Huel for dinner never have severe reflux issues anymore.

Also, I’m sure that I’m eating healthier than before and that will be certainly good in the long run, along with my new workout plan.
I only wish I could have a superpower too, like laser eyes maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been on it for 2 and abit weeks now, I’m loving how easy it is to get what I need in the morning and at lunch. Water and fruit are going down a treat with it too, I’m well below my calorie intake with all the fitness I’m doing too. Currently away with work and I’ve brought Huel with me so I don’t have to waste money getting crappy food :joy:, need to order more soon haha!


It’s sad to hear you have so many problems, and I do wish you find a solution one day. At least you are attempting to do the right thing consistently and have seen some benefits. Keep it up!

I’ve got s lazy eye*…never did me any good. Romesh Ranganathan on the other hand made a career out of it.

  • I haven’t really, but heck, jokes is jokes.

It’s been almost 38 years now so I’m used to. :slight_smile: I’ve just to go on other 40ish years or so and then I will reincarnate in a beautiful milky cow! :cow: :smiley: