Lessons huel is teaching me

Hello everyone. I’ve been a hueler for a couple of weeks now and all though I’m not managing to go 100% i am realising that huel seems to be retraining my body.

The first lesson it started teaching me was that I couldn’t possibly drink coco cola whilst on huel. This is good because it’s been quite an addiction of mine. Now I know that if I drink it I’m going to pay for it. I get the worst diorhea. It’s as though my body can now recognise it at useless calories and gets rid as soon as.

The second lesson is that my normal food doesn’t fill me up at all. Like my body won’t even try and process it. It just craves more of huels nutrients. So I have to make sure I get enough of it in. Other food doesn’t count anymore. It’s forcing me to go completely huel which is what I want.

Anybody experienced anything similar?

wow, the second lesson its not good at all… What kind of normal food? Could you put examples?

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I mean like chips and stuff

Okay, thats different. It is normal.

In my case my “other” food is pretty good, organic and high quality so the difference is non noticeable

A lot of crappy foods taste awful or have 0 taste at all .
Since I’ve been on Huel I’m off lots of garbage food .

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That doesn’t sound normal to me at all.

Stuff that you enjoyed before should still be enjoyable.

For example, sure, I’m 90% Huel at the moment, but by God a bacon butty still tastes good. Same for pizza etc.

It seems psychological in your case?