Mainstreaming my Huel experience

Hi Again

I gave myself a 2 week trial of Huel that was to end yesterday. But my second order arrived this morning just in time for me to continue without a break, so I guess I can say that I have mainstreamed Huel into my life.

I’m hoping to restrict my intake to 2 x 4 scoop meals made with semiskilled milk per day, with no normal food in my diet at all. On 3 days during my 2 week ‘trial’ period I had 3 meals, but I manage well on 2 most days and have not been hungry.

My reasons for switching to a total Huel diet are to do with chronic illness. It is very convenient, means I no longer eat junk, and ensures I’m getting the best nutrient mix. I’m also hoping that it will assist with weight loss. I am house-bound because of my ill-health, and bed-bound several days a week, so I have almost zero physical activity. So restricting my calorie intake while ensuring I get the correct nutrition has up to now been very difficult.

My early problems with not enjoying Huel are totally turned around. Using the semi-skimmed milk and the flavour systems have made it a very pleasant experience.

I’ll keep you up to speed with how I get on, particularly with respect to weight loss.




Any reason why you mix it with cow’s milk?

In my opinion, cow’s milk is for calves, and is horrendously over processed with antibiotics and other things that we simply don’t need in our diet. The masses drink it because people have done for a while do it must be OK? But then not too long ago it was cool and healthy to smoke tobacco.


Sounds like its working for you! Good luck.

Great post, thank you for taking the time to share this with us, we really appreciate it and are interested in all our Huelers’ experiences. Keep us posted on how you get along and get in touch if you want to know anything at all.