Huel for life?

I think it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’m pretty addicted to Huel. It allows me to be healthy without shoving horrible tasting veg-shit-able’s down my kneck. I have about 4-5 huel meals a day because I do train like Mr Schwarzenegger at the gym. I am in the best shape I have ever been, and no that shape isn’t circle, it’s more like upside down triangle. Some people are starting to be like “waaaa, how are you doing this?” and I’m like “Huel bruh.” Then naturally they want to go OCD on the Huel store. Then you get the sceptics that say “anything that can be made in 15 seconds can’t be healthy.”

That’s what I love about the RTD bottles, I can show them all the ingredients which I practically all natural. Usually I end up saying that they should put “Stevia” in it instead of Sucralose, but other than that you can’t really get much healthier.

My question to you lovely men and women of the superhuman huel family, is can we live off Huel entirely? Because I practically already am. As a budding six pack shower, I know it is doing me good, so why is every mofo on the planet not on it already?

Yes. @rikefrejut has been living off 2000kcal of U/U for years. Search for some of his posts if you want to know more.


Just reporting in, I am still alive and thriving, and still eating Huel U/U powder for 100% of my calories. I do intend to eat Huel for the rest of my life, unless a better product comes along.

Are there any questions you’d like to ask me?


How’s your body reacting to 100% Huel? I have been on huel since December and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. Have you tried body building with Huel? And last but not least, are you not bored of having just huel all day every day? Thanks, I’m genuinely curious!

How’s your body reacting to 100% Huel?

No issues at all.

I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been

I too am in a better shape than before Huel. Likely thanks to Huel being good nutrition and freeing up time for exercise and more resting.

Have you tried body building with Huel?

Thanks to Huel I have more time than before Huel (because no cooking/cleaning/shopping/spending time eating), so I have been exercising more often, more regularly, for longer time and also recover quicker from hard exercise than before. I have not however set any bodybuilding goals since I am happy with my level of strength and muscle size/visibility. My weight and body fat % are at a value stabilized by eating. 2000kcal/day.

are you not bored of having just huel all day every day?

I never cared for food, always viewed it as simply fuel for the body. I always wished I could just take a food pill and be done with food for the day - and Huel is partway there.


This is what I was hoping for. I think I’ll end up being a 100% hueligan as well! Thanks for clearing that up. If you do come across anybody who is bodybuilding with Huel, please let me know!

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I am not a bodybuilder, but I do a lot of powerlifting, and gym in general. I started seriously training and dieting around a year ago (beginning of January to be more precise), and I started hueling November last year. Here is the comparison (69kg before, 73kg after):

I eat 2000 kcal in the form of huel daily and fill the rest with protein shakes / fructose + dextrose drink/linseed oil/snacks (flapjacks usually, but anything high in carbs goes). Initially, I was on 4200 kcal daily (my estimated maintenance is at 3700 kcal) to gain muscle, then I went on a cut with 3200 kcal. Now I’m starting to cycle these in 6-week intervals. I was thinking about writing a more detailed post about my training and diet but I’m not sure if there would be enough people interested…


I’d be interested


Wooooahhh great job man. I’m really interested. First person I’ve seen on this thread that does Huel for muscle gain.

There are a few.