Total Food Replacement - sorry for being a noob!


I’ve put my order in today for two weeks work of ready made bottles (easy is best for me as I’m always rushing) and protein bars. As I’m a food addict and trying to cut out eating meals altogether for a while. Going cold turkey as best as I can really.

Has anyone else tried this? Does it work or were you starving all the time because of the lack of ketosis?

Thanks in advance :+1::crossed_fingers:

Don’t go all in on Huel straight away. Ease yourself into it over a few weeks.

I’ve used Huel powder 100% on several occasions and never felt hungry. Also more recently powder and hot and savoury. Not tried it with bars and rtd exclusively.


Great to hear you’ve joined us, welcome!

As Hunzas mentioned, we really wouldn’t recommend going all in straight away as our bodies need some time to adapt to drastic diet changes, and this is very much true for Huel since it’s quite high in fibre compared to other foods we tend to eat.

Really hope you get on well with it! I can’t get enough of Cinnamon Swirl RTD right now. :sunglasses:

I’m a month in, on 75% powder each day and no issues with hunger. I’ve enjoyed picking up a knife and fork for one meal each day. but I suppose that might just be psychological, old habits die hard? - maybe it’ll pass.

The important thing for me is how much the 75% Huel has made me think about what I have for the other 25%, for a disordered eater that’s a great benefit.


Thanks for your replies. I’m on day 5 of 100% and no nasty side effects! :joy::toilet: I’m not finding it too bad. Im having 2 ready-to-drink shakes and 2 bars a day. So 1200 calories. Then some milk in drinks makes it up to around 1400. Im happy with that.

I weigh on Tuesday so we’ll see how things go.

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