Huel is amazing

Hey guys I brought my first huel last week and have been 100% on it all week. Usually I work long days and hard work and get to eat one maybe two meals a day (maccies breakfast or cob van food) I would just smoke through my hunger. I’ve spent the last few years miserable as hell too. Since I’ve been using huel I’ve had more energy, not once have i been hungry and within a couple of days felt on top of the world. I also noticed I don’t fancy 5 bottles of Dr pepper a day either. So here’s to you huel and let’s hope I keep feeling as great as I have been.


Great stuff! Keep us posted James :grinning:

It’s always great to read a post where huel has made such a positive difference to someone’s life. Amazing that you’ve gone 100% straight away, some people get “digestive issues” if they do this, so do be careful. Look out for signs of low sodium levels in your blood. I was craving salty foods and started getting leg cramps at night. Got blood work done for something unrelated, which showed low sodium. Since then, I just add the tiniest amount of salt to each huel, not enough to taste a difference, and the cramps and cravings went in a day or two. Good luck, and keep us posted.

I get leg cramps at night, but I am sure I don’t have a low sodium issue. I never Google these sort of things because Google will tell me I have all sorts of illnesses.

See if adding a little salt helps. It helps me.

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I’m sure I don’t need any more salt in my diet…but maybe I will…

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As long as you drink sufficient water it won’t do you any harm.

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I drink plenty of water…with added hops and barley