Could Huel have Addictive Properties?

Just wondering if anyone else finds if they go without Huel for a couple of days they can think of nothing else. Recently went on Holiday, taking Huel with me and managed one Huel meal a day. That was OK. But last weekend I went to Edinburgh for a long weekend and didn’t want to explain bags of white powder in my luggage so left Huel at home.

I really struggled. For a start breakfast is always Huel now so, being Scotland, it was a fry up or nothing. Every meal seemed to involve meat of one sort or another and the fast food was universally very poor and fit only for end-of-session consumption. So I think over four days I had one portion of chips, a German sausage and a good burger. My digestive system suffered badly and all I could think of when not occupied was getting my next Huel fix. I rang my wife from the airport and walked her through measuring out a meal and got in the fridge two hours before I got home. The shocking thing is the audible sigh that escaped me with the first mouthful and the “buzz” it gave me - a sort of serenity I associate with prescription pain killers :smile:

My wife tried Huel a while back and said at the time she thought it was addictive and now I’m starting to agree with her. I practically run to the fridge from the bed in the mornings and the feeling it gives you isn’t just a “full” feeling. It’s more like having a pint of cold beer on a really hot day.

I’m not saying Huel contains Cocaine or any other herbal ingredients we might normally associate with this sort of behaviour but I wonder if there is anything that might activate normal endorphin release or be associated with a feeling of well being (other that just dietary goodness). It’s a complex mix of ingredients - pleasant side effects?


Hahaha - sorry, I found this kind of hilarious.

I’m not sure about addictive and sometimes I find Huel a bit of a chore (especially if I’m not that hungry), BUT, sometimes, especially if I’m really hungry, or I’m feeling fatigued, or hot, say on the train home on a long hot summers day the Huel can feel super pleasant and rejuvenating. I attributed it more to being a bit nutritionally depleted/lacking than addiction though…

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Have to say I Def might be addicted. I find myself craving my huel meal. And yes after having normal food huel tastes even better…


Perhaps the only time where cravings indicate deficiencies :wink: I crave it too, especially after eating junk food. It can be like water in a desert.


Well, I only bought Huel as a breakfast replacement (I’m never awake enough in the morning to care enough about breakfast - I’ve been having protein shakes for years as something more filling and healthier than just a slice of buttered toast) and I’m not particularly enamoured by the taste - getting used to it though and it fulfils its purpose.

Running late for lunch today and couldn’t be arsed to make anything properly. Was very surprised to find myself really fancying a glass of Huel :smiley: So that’s what I’ve got.

It’s the beginning of the end, isn’t it?!


I don’t know if it could be considered addictive, but possibly because you’re use to having those types of meals, other “solid” food could feel heavy and unfulfilling, because you aren’t getting the same amount of nutrients from regular meals?

I am certainly not feeling “addicted” to it. Haha.

I’m day 2 of 100% Huel and I’m definately addicted! lol I’m now planning stcking up so I never run low :smiley:

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I ran out this morning, horror of horrors, thank god my delivery arrived today!

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I definitely find myself missing it when I haven’t had any for a couple of days.

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Not the same but I’m not quite a week on Huel and I opened the bag to get my evening shake mixed and the smell hit my nose - and the thing in my brain happened that does when you come home and someone is cooking something you like!
I was expecing to tolerate Huel at best but if I start really liking it I’ll be chuffed.
At the moment I’m pleased, confused, and laughing at myself. Powdered food is so weird.


I was wondering about this too the other day, when I was thinking about how my cravings for food have changed. 3 years after vegetarianism I don’t crave meat like I used to. Then went cheese. Now Im perfectly keen on Huel and it has even taken my preference. (So solid food could indeed one day be a relic of bygone!)
I figured it’s the same basic instinct of associating want/need with something that triggers all those receptors for carbs, protein, nutrients etc. Then when youre hungry (or simply when your stressed anxious brain wants a hit), Huel pops into mind.

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