A junk food addict's first 20 days on Huel

I’m going to do my best not to sound like a total shill here, which is going to be difficult because so far Huel has honestly been life-changing.

A bit of background. I’ve always been an incredibly picky eater (I feel bad for my poor parents, who cooked healthy meals and did everything they could to try to get me to eat veggies as a kid) and as an adult this led to my diet being mainly based in highly-processed junk food. Because of that, I got so used to the lack of energy and general feeling of unwellness that goes hand-in-hand with a bad diet that I just thought of it as normal.

After just three weeks of using Huel to replace one or two meals a day, I’ve all but cured a junk food addiction (or more specifically, an addiction to sodium and sugar) that I’ve been stuck with for years. It didn’t really strike me until a few days ago when I was standing in the crisps/biscuits section of a supermarket and realised I didn’t want any of it, and was able to walk out without buying anything - honestly an incredibly liberating experience.

My energy levels have also shot through the roof - real energy, as opposed to the caffeine kicks I was using to get through the day. After a week on Huel I found myself washing and ironing a huge backlog of dirty laundry, washing a backlog of dirty dishes, and cleaning the whole flat, which is something I always used to struggle to do due to a lack of physical/mental energy. I’ve also saved a great deal of money since I haven’t ordered a takeaway (something that I used to do at least once a week) since the first order of Huel arrived, and junk food is actually pretty expensive.

I know a lot of people turned to Huel from already healthy diets for the sake of convenience/cost, but I think it’s a really valuable alternative for people like me who are severely picky eaters (I can’t emphasise this enough - I used to be physically incapable of eating vegetables and certain other foods because they would make me gag), and for breaking the cycle of junk food addiction.


Hello junk food addict. I can’t wait for mine to arrive, I have either a fantastic healthy and balanced diet or I eat nothing at all due to busy lifestyle and juggling depression, work and 3children. I’m really hopeful that this food will help me eat when I can’t function so I’m very pleased to see it has given so many positive changes to your life. Can’t wait to get started.