And so my Huel journey begins

Ok, so after a fortnight with a bundle of Huel products sat waiting to checkout I found some RTD at my local Asda and gave them a try. I thought this would be a good way to see if this whole Huel thing would work for me. I have to say that the RTDs were really nice and I rated my flavours 1. Banana 2. Berry 3= Vanilla & Chocolate.

I then decided to bite the bullet and order the 3.0 gluten free shakes (I have no aversion to gluten, just thought if I’m doing this I should do it properly) and 3 bags of H&S (Madras, Sweet & Sour & Mexican Chilli). My plan was 1 shake per day for 2-days, 2 shakes for 3-days, 3-shakes for 3-days and then add the H&S for dinner every night. I’m on day 3 at the time of writing so today will have 2 shakes for the first time.

I’ve set myself a (non rigid) schedule of 6am, 10.30am, 3pm & 7.30pm for my meals and will see how it goes. I have to say that after the first 2-days with just a single shake each day, I don’t believe I’ll have any hunger cravings if I’m Huelling so regularly. These things do make me feel full.

All positive so far as no hunger after the shakes, no headaches, very little wind and they all taste ok. I still have berry to try later today but Salted Caramel has blown me away, it’s a great taste and whilst mint chocolate wasn’t quite as strong as I’d hoped it’s easily palatable. The banana after topping my RTD rankings was surprisingly the flavour I enjoyed the least so far as a shake but that’s not to say it isn’t nice. Just “mushy”, you can taste the water and I’m measuring the amount I’m adding so it’s not been overdone.

After watching Youtube videos from other normal people, I decided I’d make my shakes by adding 400ml water, then 2 scoops leaving the shake in the fridge for a while. When I’m ready to drink, I’ll add another 100ml water, shake and I’m ready to Huel! I was going to order a blender but the consistency is great for me, it tastes nice and I have no complaints. The ‘bits’ are barely noticeable.

Looking forward to trying the H&S next week so I will continue to “indulge” a little until then but with an exercise bike & rowing machine on order I’m hoping the scales, BMI & body fat monitor I receive today will start to show movement in the right direction over the coming weeks.

My mind is made up to be 100% Huel 95% of the time, with the odd treat here and there on special occasions.

Happy to continue to share my experience as I go if anyone’s interested, otherwise if I’m boring you don’t be afraid to tell me, lol!

Cheers Huel!


I didn’t think normal people posted to YouTube, just narcissists.


Welcome to the forum Ian! Great to have you hear and you aren’t boring us at all!

While we aren’t the biggest fans of the 100% Huel routine, it sounds like you are doing it steadily and have had a positive experience so far, I’ve always said that one of the most surprising things for people is how full Huel keeps you - so long as you are matching calories on what you were eating before.

Banana RTD does taste (intentionally) different to Powder. Powder is intended to taste much more like a blended banana smoothie. Whereas RTD is meant to have that confectionary, banana foam taste.

This is the way. :man_in_lotus_position:

Keep us posted on how you are getting along and once again, welcome to the Huel team!