11+ Months on 100% Huel, Ask me Anything!

I am 11 months 1 week into a 100%* Huel only journey, ask me literally anything!

The current plan is to run the experiment until the 2nd of October (1 year anniversary), take a small 2 week break and get back on for another 2 months, then transition to 80% Huel.
Happy to share my experiences with people contemplating doing something similar, or to just satiate your curiosity :slight_smile:

  • What 100% Huel means for me: Any calories I put in my body come from a product made by Huel and zero drinks. This is mostly powders, RTD and occasional hot and savoury.

I drink black coffee, water, some zero calorie drinks (limited at 5 kcal per 100 ml but I’ve so far passed on anything above 3.) such as coke zero, slimline tonic and white monster. I think I once had a kombucha that was 2 or 3 per 100. I do not eat anything at all not made by Huel. Not sugar in my tea, not a sip of milk in my coffee, not a taste to see how the kids’ meal is coming along. Nothing. If I do have to taste something I cook for the kids I spit and wash. If there’s no clear indication of nutritional value of a drink, I don’t drink it. If it’s incorrectly labelled on the fountain machine, I don’t drink it. No alcohol either.


What’s your favourite colour for underwear?


Depends on whether I’m out of everything but Huel Essential, to be brutally honest with you.


pfff that’s a gem. :clap:

Salut mes amis!

I like brutal honesty. I once bashed someone over the head with an honour box.

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the truth always hurts.


Excellent :+1:


That’s excessive.

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Multiple reasons. First and foremost is that food is important to social life and being the guy that always sits at the table sipping diet coke gets old rather fast. I wasn’t having immense fun when I didn’t try my mum’s Christmas dinner, nor felt like a normal person when my birthday cake was 10 bottles of RTD with a bow around them.
Second is that I am coming to the end of my cutting phase and will be consuming a lot more calories for a bulk phase, and 100% Huel gets a little pricey. (Run the numbers on 3500 kcal/day of Huel and you’ll see what I mean, that’s about 250 meals a month)
Third is that I still crave things like fruit, a nice pea soup or overnight oats, and they’re not on the menu with Huel.

To your observation about spitting and washing being excessive:
It is. It is decidedly more show and principle than actual effect. You are absolutely spot on. The problem I am currently solving with 100% Huel is an excessive one that required (for me) a complete 100% 24/7 adherence to very simple rules. 1. Eat Huel. 2. Don’t eat not Huel. I have terrible impulse control, or used to before all this, and any leeway would have sent me spiralling out and back into my old habits, which I wasn’t prepared to allow anymore.


Which flavours are your favourite? (Huel Powder and RTD)

Have you used “snack” type huel such as the bars and protein powder?

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My favourite is Banana RTD, in July I drank 90 bottles of it to see if a theory of mine was true about RTD being more calories than displayed on the label (TLDR no).

Mac and Cheeze (I’m weak, I like the new version too), and Original original. I sometimes detox with unflavoured unsweetened when I’ve had enough of the sweetness, it’s refreshing honestly.

Another one I like is black banana and essential vanilla 50-50, works quite well.

I ate some black bar but not many of them, maybe 2-3 boxes over the year.

I absolutely loathe cinnamon swirl powder, if I had to choose between it and starving, the latter would still look like the more enticing option.


Oh wow! Sounds like you have had quite the experience!

Banana RTD is so smooth and not as sweet as the other flavours I have tried, though I think that’s because the v2.0s have a “boosted” type of flavour. Kudos to you for managing to drink 90 bottles of the stuff, I think I’d get bored fairly quickly hence I resort to ordering the selection boxes (it helps that I get really bad decision fatigue) :laughing:.

Is there a reason you mix black and white powders? (Better macros?)

I’m looking forward to trying the protein bars in my next order, I know a lot of people don’t like them, but similarly a lot of people don’t like the standard bars which I love! So sad they are discontinuing them but fingers crossed for some exciting new snacks :crossed_fingers: .

Interesting comment about the cinnamon….I have some coming in my next order. I wanted to try it because I found the cinnamon RTD to be VERY sweet (it was my first RTD so possibly wasn’t used to the sweetness?). Did you try the black or the white powder? What didn’t you like about it? The texture? The sweetness?

Thanks so much :slight_smile: Really inspiring story

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What didn’t you like about it? The texture? The sweetness?

If you imagine the taste profile to be a 3 dimensional object, at the bottom you have mouth feel, the coarseness, the sweetness, the vanilla notes all working together. Then you have a little bit going on above it, then a chasm of emptiness for yoinks, then there’s this gauche cinnamon taste, veneer thin. Somehow it manages to taste grittier than the original powder, while very similar with hair-thin cinnamon overdose.

If the taste had to be describe as an object It would be a glitter balloon with cinnamon sprinkles on the outside and basically nothing inside. I have no good things to say about it.

The brilliant thing about it though is that it’s my wife’s favourite so I know it’s just my personal, subjective, one-man opinion and not a set fact.

Is there a reason you mix black and white powders?

Yes there is! The white powder I find almost impossible to shake smooth, and I’m an adult man. I have tried shaking it for half a minute straight, just full-on violence against the lumps. Nope. When lumpy, the white powder has an almost slimy consistency to it with these really unpleasant clusters attacking your senses.

So I took to blending it with either a kitchenaid tabletop or a stick mixer, whicever I have to hand. Then I realised it can’t be blended either, because it still has the consistency of wet semolina. I had bags of the stuff so I looked for ways to turn it palatable. I thought to myself, the macros are kinda on the carb-y side, what would I have to mix it with to get to a neutral blend like the normal powder, which was when it hit me that I should be adding black to it to bring up the proteins. (I call it grey. White for essential, black for increased protein, original or grey for the white bag black letter powder, 50-50 for the blended stuff)

Turns out the thicker, meatier, chewier consistency of black huel goes perfectly with the wet semolina, uncooked rice vibe of essential and creates a less potent tasting middle ground with none of the hints of what I find to be negative aspects of Essential. I happened to have banana black at home, it goes well with vanilla essential. Black vanilla also goes great with it. The other reason is that essential huel undiluted gives me violent farts. Those earthy, slow release wet feeling ones that smell as if sulphur and cabbage had created the worst city-buster smell they could muster. The stink sits low, sticks to everything and is just so bad I think I have a gut thing disagreeing with it. Absolutely inhuman, and they come 20 an hour.

None of that happens when mixed with Black. Truly no idea why.

I also love Berry RTD, I think it’s the other light texture RTD that just drinks well.

There’s by the way great variety in taste within one kind. I’ve had banana RTDs that didn’t taste very sweet at all, they made me look at the expiry date it was so jarring. Then I had really fresh banana tasting RTDs, I’ve had ones that tasted like … dumb? sweet, kind of like eating honey dew melons with a blocked nose. Just syrupy sweetness. Couldn’t tell you why the batch inconsistency, and I’ve only had enough of the banana to be able to map them out, but my assumption is just day-to-day, batch-to-batch variance between where in the mix the bottle gets poured from. It should affect all the flavours if so, but I only have the banana chops.

That’s the problem when people ask me “which flavours are the best” as taste is so subjective. cinnamon is one of my favourites also (that, original and now banana). I usually mix all of them 50/50 with unflavoured though to dial down the sweetness. I don’t like berry but do like berry RTD and I prefer strawberry RTD. I prefer vanilla powder to RTD.

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Don’t you have other things in life that you could be proud of?

I bet they are proud that they aren’t you. I know I am.


Apart from fixing my health, getting into sports and becoming a more fun person to be around? No, not really. Sorry!


Do you have a note of how much Huel you’ve had per day on average? The same amount per day or has it varied?

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It has varied over the year, but I’ve had multiple runs at 1200 kcal for extended periods.
My entire month of June was original powder at 1200 kcal, black coffee and water, July was the same thing with ready to drink at 1200 kcal. Measured on a food scale to the gram.
Then I had a run of 2-3 weeks at 1200 in August with mixed input, mostly black and original powder. I would say I had about 2 weeks worth of days above 2500 kcal, and the rest of the year was 1600 or less, with 1200 being the lowest I’ve gone.

For context, my maintenance calories ranged between 2600 and 3700 kcal throughout the year, depending on how heavy I was and what my exercise load looked like. All I know is in aggregate I’m about 450-500 thousand kcal in the red for the year.

Next time I do something like this I’ll take more photos and take better notes. Looking back I wish I had a good record of how much I’ve spent on huel. (my guess is between £3500 and £4000, thanks to RTD -especially during the out of stock period- and H&S)