11+ Months on 100% Huel, Ask me Anything!

I’m guessing you’ve shed a shed load of weight. If your average maintenance req was 3000+ and average Huel calories say 1500ish.

Are you half the man you used to be?

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Not quite, but I’m headed that way :smiley: Cut my BMI from 41.5 to 26. Granted, BMI is utter horsesh*t for anything other than to be used as a quick rule of thumb.

The moment I knew I became a different person was when my kids were eating crisps and my first thought was “ugh, that sounds uncomfortable to eat, I wouldn’t even if I could”.

Well that’s something to be proud of.

The weight loss, not the crisps-reaction. :smile:

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That’s the way I used to look at it too. Now that I’m “here”, weight has become a number to me. I’ve had to look for other ways to measure progress. I’ve gotten into long distance running. My knees no longer hurt before, during or after a run. I can jog up 10 flights of stairs, used to have to psyche myself up to climb 3. I’m no longer physically exhausted at the end of the day just existing and doing my daily errands.

To me the real victory is having become friends with my body, rather than despising it. I’ve also discovered that I’m a much more tenacious and determined person than I thought I was capable of. Now I can tackle problems from a mental position of strength, rather than somehow getting through them by accident.

It’s not all because of Huel, but without it I would still be struggling.


That’s v good to hear. :+1:

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Quite. I love crisps. I eat far too many. I can be quite disciplined in my eating habits but sometimes a packet of salty snacks just hits the spot. I generally stick to sub-100 calorie bags, but I dare not open a sharing bag if I’m on my own…!!!

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Nice crispy fries… my serving size used to be “however much I happened to tip into the frier”. Fries don’t last until they last, fries last until I last.

Well not anymore, but I’ll take crispy fries over crisps every time!

Do you have an air fryer? Everyone seems to have one…I’ve never used one or even tasted food out of one.

One of my local pubs had a mishap cooking chips yesterday…impressive 8 fire engines and other fire and police vehicles.

Wife got a nice Ninja one for her birthday, I’ll try it once I’m back in with the humans.

But also, what kind of a pub has difficulties cooking chips? That’s like their one core competency :smiley:

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8 fire engines for one chip pan? Certainly impressive!

Absolutely love my air fryer and wouldn’t be without it.


It did seem like overkill and they were there for about 8 hours. There was another fire up the road in the evening too. Luckily no-one had their chips in either

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People (apart from Jay Rayner) do seem to like them. I’d like to sample some food from one before investing in one.

I don’t think there’s anything unique about the taste of food from air fryers. It’s just a wee oven that’s more efficient because it’s so wee.

If you’ve ever cooked owt in the oven, you know what air fried food tastes like. The best thing about them is how fast they heat up and how little energy they use.


So I could make a shepherds pie in one? Or a Festive fruit cake? Or a baked potato? I could definitely see the benefits if I could do that. I always thought they were a replacement for a deep fat fryer so anything you fried on one of them would be replaced by this and the benefit is it doesn’t submerge everything in fat so is more healthy.

The name is really stupid. Shoulda called them turbo mini ovens.

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Ah gotcha. Not really at all what I thought they were .

They really are turbo fan ovens that heat up that little air volume in seconds. They cook frozen baguettes in 8 mins, croissant in 10. If you leave fries in for the recommended fan oven time, they’ll come out like tan leather shoes. Both colour and taste. My wife loves hers.

Bad news you can’t cook hot and savoury in an air frier :frowning:

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Definitely. Makes a brilliant baked potato, into the microwave first till softened then into the air fryer to crisp up. Agree with @David, air fryer is a stupid name really as you’re baking/roasting food, not frying it. I even do hard ‘boiled’ eggs in mine.