New to Huel - first days in the new life

Hi all,

Chris here, started this week with Huel so still in my first days.
Not the most healthy guy, convenience and lazy-foods before else.
Like many people, I’ve been thinking of changing/improving my health multiple times.
NOW ! It is time to DO IT !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My goals are to quit smoking, less drinking and improve my diet.
In a short time from now, I want to start cycling again aswell, so extra motivation. :muscle:
Even though I want to quit smoking, as it is not the only (drastic) change, I will smoke
less first and do it all step by step. Even though I intended so, I basically quit already and
don’t drink during weekdays anymore either. On top of all this ‘rushing into it’, my diet is
almost completely Huel Powder now already (3 x 4,5 scp spread through the day).

So far, I actually don’t feel any side effects (even despite the rushing) other than being a
littly gassy and thus having to be careful around my colleagues. :wink::rofl:
First 2 days, I experienced a reflux more often and slightly more intense than I already did
in my former diet. I found that for me, this is solved by drinking my coffee not as strong as
I’ve always done (so normal coffee now). Aside from that, drinking a beer close before or
after my Huel meals doesn’t do well for the same reason. :sweat_smile:

Even though my first week hasn’t completed yet, the plus sides are :

  • Almost no cravings (which was a 24/8 presence, no typo);
  • Not feeling tired through the day (I sleep less but rest a lot better now);
  • More energetic yet a less ‘chaotic’ mind (likely due to better rest and well balanced diet).

By now, I think I’ll keep going as it hasn’t really been a problem to me at all thus far. Right
the only Huel I have is the powder, but for my next order I will also include the Huel Bars to
change the few ‘snack moments’ aswell and see how it goes.

Any thoughts, advice or idea’s (either Huel or general health related) are rather welcome.
This is my cough short cough story to kick off with, sorry for taking your time. :sweat_smile::sunglasses:
Thanks for reading and any response.


Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing your story. You’ll find there are lots of helpful folks around here, so I’m sure you’ll get some great advice. Good luck, and keep us posted. :slight_smile:


Damn boi, 4.5 scp in one go.

Sounds like you’re on a good track though, best of luck to you!

4,5 scoops? Its needed like 700 ml of water

I used to drink 4 scoops for the meal in very busy days

Drinking 4,5scp divided in 2 shakes, a 3scp shake and half that.
Together it is around 1L, so felt like a big breakfast at first. :sweat_smile:

Wow you went bigger than me!

I have a 3sc in 700ml in the morning and 2sc in 500ml about 14:00. I’m sipping that over what feels like an hour but is more like 5 minutes :laughing:.

Unless I’m in a conference call, they drag it out nicely.

I actually like them instantly made Huel. The texture gives you something, er, textural in your mouth. Don’t mind the odd little treat of a lump or two either :grin:

Good luck. It seems to be working for me so far.

I feel lighter even if I’m not actually lighter. I hope your goals come too.

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I’m 178cm and 68kg and can’t stand still for a moment at work, so I easily burn the roughly 2.000 kcal I get from Huel.
On top of that, I wouldn’t mind gaining a bit of weight aswell, as I intend to start cycling again sooner than later.

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So, I guess I’m going to place a next order sooner than expected.
First meal, dinner on Tuesday (the day my first order arrived) and last in the
first bag was breakfast on Saturday. Basically, I get 3,5 to 4 days on a bag.
This would confirm the consumption of 2.000kcal a day (7.000 / bag).
Guess I did well so far, now let’s keep it up. :grin:

Oh, by the way, I also bought myself a 1,5L blender today. Might make things
easier and tastier to keep going in the right direction. :relaxed:

Good luck! Did you feel hungry at all since you transitioned to 100% Huel pretty quickly?

I bought one of those blenders that you can stick into the bottle, reduces mess :slight_smile:

Breakfast for me is 4,5scp (~1L shake/blended) and not feeling hungry untill around 12,
but by then I’m still not really hungry so 2 slices of bread suffice.
Before Huel, I ate half a bread everyday (breakfast and 3 breaks at work), so it really helps
filling me up. On top of that, a lot less if not no cravings at all anymore.
Whereas I could be eating small snacks day in, day out before.
That actually made people around me wonder how I could still not gain any weight, despite
not having health issues (in)directly related to my former diet.

Biggest thing for me was, and still kinda is, the gassiness that comes from a drastic change of diet.
Unashamed of working on my diet (and overall health) I explain why I am gassy, but some still
look funny at me because of it. So if that happens I just laugh it off saying I switched from
beer farts to a healthy air situation. :rofl:


Change of diet
Little over a week in and it’s going great.
171g Huel with 950ml water, for breakfast, dinner and another shake through the evening.
Started off with breakfast and dinner and after a few days the evening aswell. After a week
I already felt a lot better (probably because of the nutritional profile) and sleep a lot better.
My gassy problem is almost entirely gone now aswell, which is (socially) a great thing. :smiley:

This week, I ordered a 1L shaker and some FlavDrops from MyProtein. Now I have this shaker,
I’m also going to replace my lunch at work with a 1L shake starting tomorrow.
This means I’m up to 2754 kcal a day (4 shakes) on Huel alone. Now I’ll see what happens,
wether I maintain or even gain weight because of it. If it is the first, it is good (the latter be better).

Diet goal
If I can keep it up with 3 meals and a shake through the evening and my body doesn’t start hating
me for it after all, that would mean I’m going 100% starting tomorrow.

As mentioned, I also intended to drink less alcohol. So far, great succes, all I can say. To be more
specific, I from 2,5 to 3 crates a week down to maybe half a crate of beer in a week. This is actually
not even trying to drink less, though I intended to drink max. 2 beer on sunday-thursday evening and
max. 5 beers on friday and saturday evenings. This happened pretty easily for two reasons :

  • Acid reflux;
  • Drinking a 1L shake over the evening, leaving no room/time for beer.
    Works great and my mood greatly benefits from this (aswell as from the nutritional difference in my diet).

Another target was to smoke less cigarettes and eventually stop smoking at all. It might prove difficult to
stop in time, because of the habit and it is a way to pass time (yea, stupid, I know). Positive side, I greatly
reduced the amount of cigarettes I smoke in a week. Basically, I smoke when I sit with friends and/or am
having a beer. Easy to say, I smoke maybe a 3rd of what I did up to a week ago. So I’m not there yet,
but certainly is a great difference.

Oh, btw… anyone else here from Holland ?


I’m an ex smoker.

I found that if I analysed the smoking, the first couple of drags were good. The rest was because it was there.

Then I realised that although the Nicotine cravings were quiet, I now stank and felt nauseous and I was sweating, my heart rate was up i actually felt worse than before but
My cravings were quiet.

One day, I said “fuck this”, put the cigarette out, threw the pack away and that was that.

I’ve revisited it every now and then and and it’s always the same.

I just don’t like how it makes me feel.

Perhaps you can psyche yourself out of it too.


Fellow Dutchie here! :grin: Sounds like you’re off to a great start and congrats especially on cutting the alcohol consumption, whoo!


Yea, for me it’s not really a need but a habit and way to pass time that I have to get rid of :sweat_smile:

I don’t really ‘feel’ a downside to it, that’s what makes it harder.

I’ll stop buying and try to stick to it, with Huel now I’m going to to stores a lot less now anyway.

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So I’m not the only dutchie on this forum :rofl:

Thanks, it’s quit a difference and I sure feel that it is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sooo all the time then? :joy:
Just kidding man both are hard habits to kick, good luck!

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Some years ago, things have been worse.
Back then, it would be pretty accurate to say that :joy:

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening shakes for tomorrow are in the fridge :blush:

A Huel bar cacao & orange to work aswell, for a short break.

I really like your bottles, I am quite sick of people asking me what I am drinking in my Huel branded ones.

The answer is simple, Huel :rofl:

If allowed, these are 1L shakers from (obviously) MyProtein.
Though I think that you won’t be able to shake it, if you actually put in 1L.
I’m using 171g + 700ml water in it, using a blender first.