New to Huel - first days in the new life


I will be looking these up when getting some new bottels!


Close really well and as my meals are nearly 700 kcal I’d this size of shakers.
Had 1, liked and ordered 3 more :joy:
So far, really happy with them.



Change of diet
Little over a month now and feeling great. :smiley:
Still at 171g every shake but decreased the amount of water from 950ml to 700ml,
really helps as I don’t have to go to the bathroom as much anymore.
I’m at 4 shakes a day ( ~2.800 kcal together), breakfast, lunch, dinner and a shake over the evening.
My sleeping pattern has become more stable and I’m at a constant energy level all day.
The gassy problem is still there, but getting a little better. Going in pretty much 100% soon after
start really has some influence on the body I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

As said, I’m at 100% Huel now (except for 1 or 2 dinners in the weekend) and doing great.
It is actually far easier too sustain these changes than I expected at first.
FlavDrops, instant coffee, cacao and banana’s are a great help in this too. That’s on top of
the different flavours already available premixed.
Regarding the weight, it has stabilized and I even gained around 1kg so far. This might not
seems that much for some, but I haven’t been 70kg or more in years. So being at 69kg now
is actually really motivating and feels amazing.

Drinking .
Up till now I still maintain the max. half a crate of beer a week, though I don’t even have beer
at home right now. That said, I don’t long for it anymore and can walk past it in the stores without
feeling the need to buy it. Before all this, I bought 2 new crates before I started the last one I had.
Also gave the whiskey, rum and few other liquor’s I had to friends and feel no need for it.
The acid reflux I had from drinking, before and during Huel, is completely gone now but starts
again if I drink 3 or more beers. This makes it a lot easier to stick to 2 beers at most, at a time.

Even though I greatly reduced the amount I have been smoking, it increased a bit again.
Not back to how it was, fortunately, but still a little more again. This is partly because of the social
aspect and I give in to the little added stress lately. Hope to decrease and even quit in time, but
I think that will happen once I start cycling again within the next few months. Hopefully, this will
happen before the end of April but my goal is before the end of March.
At least I don’t smoke at work again, which proved to be quite a challenge in itself. :sweat_smile:

Overall, the progress has been great, as I’m on Huel little over a month and around month of being
100% (on most days). Really happy with gained weight and more stable mood, rest and energy. :sunglasses:
One of my colleagues actually came to me, saying I look a lot calmer now. He didn’t really know
why or how but to me it was great to hear. It seems the people around me already notice it in
small things, which is good as they see me every day. :slight_smile:

Oh, by the way, despite having to nibble cacao&orange flavour bars because of the intensity of the
orange taste on bigger bites, I really LOVE the coffee flavour bars (all v2.0).
Can’t wait to try the v3.0, but despite liking the coffee ones I still won’t binge it :smiley:
Hope that will be the same for the new ones.

Oh oh oh and… I’m considering upping the carbs with powdery oats, anyone with good suggestions
that doesn’t add to much protein aswell ? I’m at 40% carbs and 30/30% protein/fat and I want to
change it to 50% carbs, 20% protein and 30% fat (MFP advice, in case anyone’s wondering). :slight_smile:


Well, as not much has changed since my last update I’ll keep it shorter than usual. :smirk:

Still 171g of Huel on 700ml water shakes, 4 times a day.
A bar or smaller shake as a snack once or twice a day.
Still at 69kg, so didn’t really gain more but didn’t lose the gain yet either,
which obviously is something I’m pretty content with. :sunglasses:
Though the intention was to stick to half a crate of beer per week, it
didn’t work out that way. I drink even less than that now, so only got better. :slight_smile:

I wanted to start cycling, but due to some unfortunate things happening it
will have to wait a little longer. Still smoking, but not back to how it was so
it’s still going fairly well. :sweat_smile:

Lately, I have also been trying meal replacement shakes and bars from
different other brands. It seems that, so far, Huel will remain the one for me.
Other brands I have tried just don’t fill me up as much and I could actually
binge on 2 of those brands, which isn’t really a good thing (despite gaining). :roll_eyes:
Might keep ordering from one or both those brands, but just for the snack shakes.
Yet to try the v3.0 Huel bars, but compared to the v2.0 bars I have to admit
that some of the other brands offer bars that suit me better.

This week, I received my activity tracker. So will start using that with MFP as well,
hoping to see what I actually need throughout the day(s) and if needed adjust
my diet (calorie-wise) accordingly.
This activity tracker also offers the possibility to check current/average/high&low’s
of my heart rate and has a sleepmonitor widget integrated.
For the time coming, I will seriously keep an eye on these two as well, especially sleep.

So, overall, the near-100% Huel/MR is going great and still no reason to back down.
Hope everyone else is doing fine as well and apologize for the long post anyway. :rofl:


Well, it has been 2 weeks again so it’s time to add a little more again :slight_smile:

4 x 171g Huel/650ml water, considering to up it to 190g (765 kcal) per shake.
That would be a little monster to take in, probably, but I’ll just try it for dinner at first.
This would actually make it easier to keep up my calorie intake, as I’m not into snacks that much.

So, Huel still is my main source of food and is most likely to stay that way.
Other brands are just not it for me, but I might still try some brands I haven’t had yet.
Even though I really liked the Berry Huel, the ‘chemical’ taste of it seems to become an issue.
I’d rather ad berry-like flavours from other sources to Huel Original, as this just tastes a lot
better. Does get pretty sweet though, but that’s not too much of an issue for me :innocent:
Finally tried the New Vanilla, let’s just call it Toffee and love it because calling it vanilla is not
really something I agree with. But yes, this is a flavoured Huel Toffee and I like it.
So now I’ve dropped both Mint-Choc and Berry, having Original for flavouring, Toffee and Coffee
because they’re good and U/U to add to instant soup, pasta sauce, etc. :yum:

As said before, I’ve started using an activity tracker with MFP. I’m using the Garmin Vivosport,
ofcourse, with the Garmin Connect app. It seems now, that on working days, my activity level adds
up to between 1500-2500 kcal per day. I might be a total idiot here, but does this mean I actually
have to add that 1500-2500 on top of my target intake ?
Heck, if I were to add it on top of my ‘maintenance level’ intake of 2.585 kcal ( TDEE ) that would
mean I’d have to increase my daily calorie intake up to 4.000-5.000 kcal :hushed::sweat_smile:
I could say ‘challenge accepted’, but it does seem like a big challenge.

Hope someone could help me out with idea’s and/or advice here, thanks all :smiley:


yayyy hello fellow Chris glad to hear you’re getting on well with Huel too! :smiley:

Imo ‘calories burned’ using activity trackers can be quite confusing at first especially when we’re used to doing a rough calculation of TDEE using weight & height & gender & activity level.
I’m not sure about the Garmin (you can probably google it), but I know my Fitbit Charge 2 directly shows me my TDEE everyday based on my weight and activity level and heart rate for that day!

I think Phil’s commented on a coupla posts about this, but there are many ways to boost the calorie count of your Huel shakes like adding fats to it (PB, milk, etc.) so if that’s the case, you can probably give Huelexperimenting a go :slight_smile:


Hi fellow Chris :rofl:

My Garmin just takes the MFP calorie target through the Garmin Connect app.
So this doesn’t really adjust day by day, as far as I know but I’m going to keep an eye on it. :wink:
According to MFP I should have a macro split of 50C/30F/20P, which proofs to be a difficult one
for me as Huel is 40C/30F/30P. Even by adding a bit of Instant Oats, it doesn’t change that much.

Guess I’ll have to take a look around, searching for those comments and see if it could help me.
Having a week off now and starting a new job next week, let’s see if I can put on some weight now. :sweat_smile:
My next job seems to be fairly less active, though I can’t sit still for a single minute.
Calories burned of 1.500-2.500 is just a day of work, I don’t even do sports/work-outs (yet).

Thanks for the input, really new to having a serious take at my health and sure is confusing. :laughing:


Haha I know what you mean, don’t worry it gets easier! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is there a reason you’re aiming for a 50:30:20 split? Sometimes MFP just defaults to a certain percentage that you can change.

Off the top of my head & with a little googling, here are some ingredients you can experiment to bulk up your Huel with (it seems like you’d want it to be more calorie dense with more carbs/proteins?)

  • Carbs: Oats, oat flour, banana (frozen is DELICIOUS), raisins, dates, mangoes, berries, (squash, beans, rice if you’re adventurous)
  • Protein: Protein powder, quark, skyr, greek yogurt, egg white, spinach
  • Fats and calories: Peanut butter, almond butter, coconut milk, coconut oil, milk, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, ((nutella aka my first love))

Hope it helps fellow Chris! XD (and all the best for your new job!)

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Yea, probably just the MFP default macro split.
I’m a total brainless when it comes to this, so I’ll believe it :rofl:

As in, cooked and thrown in the blender with the Huel ?
Or just plain, uncooked rice ?

This would actually be amazing, love the taste of it :heart_eyes:
Nutella… dangerous one… :yum: overeating untill it gets painful.

Maybe I’m going to experiment a bit with the Instant Oats I’m currently adding
to some of my Huel shakes. Having my Huel shakes as they are and using the Instant Oats
mixed with other stuff as snacks/shakes on top of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really curious about the rice thing now, hmm…


:joy::joy::joy: do not put uncooked rice into your shaker :joy::joy::joy:

Although I guess it would make for an ‘interesting’ crunchy texture


No, I meant in a blender ofcourse :rofl:
Now I’m thinking of different experimental blends already and looking up
different nuts webshops to see where I can get the best prices :smiley:

Carbs : either Instant Oats or cooked rice.
Protein : likely quark or egg white.
Fats/Cals : Coco milk and/or seeds/seed mix.

Though I’m not sure what to do with the egg yolk, I never waste food :sweat_smile:
Maybe even heat a few and make small snacks of it or something.

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Pull yourself together man.



I’m the kinda guy that would try anything, so just asking to be sure :rofl:


well there is no need to waste the egg yolk. If you are keen on using raw eggs anyway you might as well throw the yolk in it as well… the people only eating egg whites are doing that mostly because of the calorie aspect (the yolk has more fat therefore “a lot” of calories compared to the egg white - but more calories is what you want, isn’t it?)


Why not just use the whole egg? There’s protein in the yolk too: “The egg white has been promoted as the healthier part of the egg, leaving the yolk behind. As it turns out, though, you’re probably better off keeping the yolk in. Although the egg white is seen as the primary protein source, the yolk has more protein by weight and plenty of vitamins and minerals to go along with it.” (from


Plus the white is the least tasty part of the egg IMO


Hmmm… seems like it’d be a waste to leave out the yolks, reading all this. :stuck_out_tongue:
While looking for things to do with the yolk, I also came across this recipe.
Going to try that as well this week. :smiley: