100% Huel Journey

While I have had Huel in the past, it was mostly for my breakfast or lunch.

A little about me, I am extremely lazy when it comes to food - I like food, I like to eat food but I hate cooking and definitely spending time cooking! This is why I lived 70% on takeaway food for half a year.

(I did however have a motorcycle accident and in a time where I literally couldn’t walk for 3 weeks, Huel RTD was a real life-saver and helped me stay healthy and nourished)

What I’m having: 1 RTD, 1-2 bars and two 4 scoop Huel v3.0 with water.

Days so far: 5

While I have a desk job and have been working from home since last October, as you may have already thought I’m quite lazy overall, I have gotten a loooooot more energy from only consuming Huel products I will continue my journey onwards and update along the way?

Btw, I am 6’0, M & 75 KG - Athletic build

Hey Luc, good to have you with us! So you started having Huel back when you had your accident, but now have started up again? I can totally feel you on the spending time cooking, although I love to cook, I personally don’t want to do it 2-3x a day. I’m glad we’ve moved you on from the 70% takeaway diet!

What are your goals? Just overall health?

Yeah, after getting back on my feet I got back into the bad diet…

For goals, healthy, better endurance/running performance and hopefully some gains in the gym. :slight_smile:

Wish you good luck…hope you will stay on track.

Keep up the good work. I’ve been on a total Huel diet (plus the odd square of chocolate) for three years now (with a couple of hiccups along the way), alls good now.
I’m 70 next year and I feel great

Best Wishes
Reverend John