Female, 26, doing 100% Huel for a month. In too deep to back out (And loving it anyway)

Hi guys!

As the title explains, I’m throwing myself in the deep end with my, self-coined, Huelathon.

I’m on day 3 today and it is all going swimmingly.

I’m recording it all in a blog. I’ve heard it’s pretty easy to read, but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that.

I’ve shared the blog so far and wide, I have no choice but to see this through!

Plus I’m feeling excellent on Huel, so far. And I think it tastes great.

Click here for my blog.

You can also see what I’m doing with Huel each day on my Instagram story. @joojjoojjo

And feel free to ask me any questions on here as I progress x


Hey there, thanks so much for choosing Huel and writing all about it in your lovely blog. Looking forward to the updates!

I notice you haven’t mentioned in the blog thus far that actually the idea of Huel isn’t to use it 100%, but that Huel is convenience food (unsubtle suggestion for next post there from me as “The Community guy”!). It’s worth noting that the reason we say to not dive into using Huel 100% is not only because it a bit of a shock to your system - as any large dietary change is - but also because it can often omit the social aspect of food, which we love!

We often have people doing a 30 day challenge blog, and they end up being like “I went to the pub with my friends and looked on in despair as they enjoyed burgers and beers…etc”. If that happens to you, please remember that we never envisaged people quitting the foods and social experiences they love the most, but just to give people a healthy, nutritious alternative when they are on the go.

Hope that makes sense.


Hi Tim. Subtle. Very subtle. Haha! I’ll just screenshot your reply in my next post.

I have been lurking on the Huel Forums for a few days now, so I do feel I know what I’m letting myself in for. It’s going really well so far though. My colleagues and friends are fully in the loop with my little experiment, so I’m hoping the social aspect isn’t too much of an issue.

Thank you, and stay tuned! :grinning:

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I’ll tune in for this. It’ll be interesting to read! :slight_smile:

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Did you give up?x