Any female Huel users out there who have gone 100%?

I’ve been making my way through my husband’s discarded Huel packets for a while now, supplimenting them for breakfast and lunch most days, this week I became an official Huel member and subscribed to my own!

On my Huel days I feel amazing and have so much energy. I’m contemplating taking the plunge and going 100% for a while, mainly to see if I can do it (a bit of a mind body and spirit venture) but also as a runner and a busy mum of two I often have to make speedy choices when it comes to food, and and sometimes I find myself grazing on unhealthy foods.

I’m thinking that I should start a blog for accountability (?)

I’d be really interested in hearing how those of you who have embarked on this have found it, especially women…but men most welcome.

Many thanks x

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Hi @Cali, good luck. It’s well worth it.

I have just finished a 5 week 100% Huel experiment and I have seen quite a few positive side effects. Rather than re-write loads on here and bore others who have already read my post, you can have a read here - Newbie & Going 💯.

As for women that have given 100% a go, I know that @jeffy89, @Tee & @Sarah_Fallon have all given it a whirl for varying lengths of time.

Ah amazing cheers Mark, clearly my powers of search engine have failed me. I shall give them a read. Thank you :blush:

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I have only done the odd day on 100% but am thinking about doing a week when I have eaten my way through all the fresh veg in my fridge :smile:

Same here @Bee, I have a lot of fruit and veggies in the house at the moment so I’m thinking of going with just those and Huel and see how it goes after. Do keep me updated, it would be nice to have someone elses success to spur me on :wink:

I have just completed 5 weeks of :100: huel. I found it a lot easier than I first thought not having food for 5 weeks. My energy levels were good throughout and I reached my weight goal. Rebecca and James at Huel were both great and gave support and answered any questions. I did miss eating at meal times with my family and think that was the biggest challenge of being :100:


I’ve been replacing two meals a day, usually breakfast and lunch, with Huel and cooking a bowl of veggies with a couple of eggs or a few slices of chicken or small fish fillet on top. A couple of days I couldn’t be bothered cooking anything so have had Huel for my third meal :smile:

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Well done @Tee that’s amazing! I think the main part I will struggle with is family dinners, that and eating my children’s left overs!