Official Thread - 100% Huelers

Hey team, this subject seems to be always coming up and it occurs to me there’s isn’t one particular thread about it.

Although we don’t consider the best application of Huel to be 100% usage, we often get asked questions relating to diets that are solely comprised of Huel, and so, we would particularly like to hear from those that follow a 100% Huel diet.

Whether you’re a new Hueler, or an old hat, we’re always interested in learning about your experiences with Huel. If you’re open to us contacting you directly to ask you about your experiences please let us know here :blush:


My pleasure! Feel free to drop me a message/email. And thanks to everyone at Huel for your life changing nutrition :slight_smile:

Hi Tim😘
I’m 100% most of the time; have also gone fully Huel for weeks on end. I’ll happily answer any questions.

Hey! I did a week of 100% Huel with a coupla other people here, and wrote a pretty detailed log of the experience: Huel 100%: 1 Week Challenge

For anyone who may want to give it a go, to know what you could maybe expect (especially if “forever” sounds a lot more daunting than “a week”) :slight_smile:

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I’ve been 100% for a long time now. Huel works for me and my lifestyle.

I’m not hard-core 100% - I snack on pretzels and nuts as well as baking the occasional loaf of bread in the machine. But snacks aside Huel has been my primary nutrition since erm… autumn '16. You guys in the office may think that Huel is making up less and less of my diet, but the reason I’m ordering less is that I’ve reduced my food intake because neuropathy forces a sedentary lifestyle (after an argument with Fanconi’s syndrome my pill box contains prescribed supplements so I’m over the top on micronutrients). I moved this time last year and I haven’t even plugged the microwave in, while the cooker is a complete mystery to me. Happy to talk…

I’m thinking of trying it 100% for one week (at least)

I have a bad diet and eat a ton of salt and sugar and fried foods.

I tried the old original stuff for half a day a while ago and found I got a big improvement in my tinnitus that night - ringing in ears was much less than normal. Gone completely from one ear and diminished on the other. I also noticed that night a sort of withdrawal headache… felt weird but not painful and was brief but I took it as a good sign that something was working :slight_smile:

Thinking of trying the new gluten free stuff because why not, not sure if I have gluten allergy or sensitivity but my gut is definitely all over the place and may as well exclude that from my diet while I’m at it.

@Tim_Huel would be up for documenting it if I do it 100% any questions you want answered?

My first post on the forum although I am a long time lurker.
I am into my second week on 100% Huel.With a view to do 30 days and see where it leads.
I did a week 100% back in the day when Huel was first released.
A little history about myself,I am an ex weightlifter.Age 49.
I still train although my focus is now more cardio focussed with lots of running and cycling ,with a heavy manual day job.
No problem at all if Huel HQ want to contact me.

Purchased 2 bags and some bars. Gonna 100% it possibly starting saturday… or monday.

Hi Tim,
I’ve been pretty much 100 % huel since July 2016. I spend approx 300 days a year away in the truck all over Europe which is when I’m close to 100 % huel with some fruit and the very occasional raw salad. I spend around 7 weeks at home a year when I have no huel but eat salads/ porridge toast fruit and lots of Booja Booja dairy free ice cream. I cycle around 170 km every Sunday somewhere different in Europe and at 51 feel healthier/fitter than I’ve ever felt and I definitely put a big part of that down to the goodness of huel. I’ve waffled on a bit haven’t i? I should have just said feel free to contact me anytime if you wish.

Thanks for the posts guys! Keep them coming :blush:

I think we would be interested in documenting in some way, but if it’s of interest I’ll let Rebecca or James contact you!

Love reading these, so thanks a lot!

Done quite a few weeks of 100% since starting with Huel 12 months ago, works great for me. Have this Monday started another 100% session to remove the 7 pounds I put on during last weeks buffet breakfast and large evening meals at our hotel in beautiful Devon during a break.

New kid on the block here!

Have decided to go 100% starting off and am on my second day in. I’ve always been a bit of a ‘Food Philistine’ and never been much of a healthy eater. I’ve never been one to enjoy a piece of fruit and have always reluctantly picked at my vegetables. So yeah, since I left home 20 years ago I’ve been a Pizza, burger and ready meal kind of guy. I knew this had to change but found that I literally had some psychological block when I tried to eat anything ‘new’ or healthy that I wasn’t used to (gagging etc…) At 38 years old I was desperate to find some way to put something good into my body and unbelievably I’m really enjoying my Huel so far. On a Placebo level I’m sure, barely 36 hours in, I already feel better. I’m looking to lose a stone in weight to get within my BMI. So far so good!

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Hi guys, I’m a lurker on the forum, but I thought I’d let you guys know that I’ve been using Huel pretty much 100% since September 2015.

A bit on and off with it during these 3 years but never longer than a week without any Huel. It’s helped to kick bad foods from my diet and I haven’t been this fit in a long time. I feel great, and love to eat out occasionally for social events.

For any newbies out there, stick with it!