Has anyone gone 100% Huel long term?

So I’ve dipped in and out of Huel use for a few years now. I have a lot of food intolerances and the side effects that come with them. I find when I go 100% Huel I’m at peak health. It does raise some eyebrows from friends and family who cant quite believe that I am effectively living off powder. Is anyone else in the same boat? Is this the future? Interested to see how people feel on a predominantly Huel based diet long term…


There is some official information on this. The most recent study Huel conducted into a 100% diet can be found here: Five Weeks on a 100%-Huel Diet.

There is at least one member on the forum who lives of 100% Huel, @rikefrejut.

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I only eat Huel most days, but it would be very hard to go 100% long term. Today is my dad’s birthday and we’re going to the pub for a meal, so today I’ll eat different stuff.

It must be very hard to maintain a 100% Huel diet long term because of events like this.

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Yup, checking in, still living on 100% Huel Unflavored/Unsweetened powder. With no exceptions at all. Birthdays, company events, etc. I only eat Huel.

Alive and feeling better than I did before I discovered Huel.


That is most impressive.

I’ve been using Huel pretty much daily for the past two years, one or two meals a day. (I skip breakfast as I find the 16:8 IF pattern works well for me). However, I usually have a starter (maybe cheese and biscuits) and / or desert (maybe chocolate and / or fruit). I’ll happily have a meal out or cook here occasionally. I don’t think I’d have the discipline to go 100%


I’m not 100% completely just curious to hear from those that are, I’m intolerant to yeast, gluten and dairy which is a pain when cooking and I also have CFS/ ME so as weird as it sounds digesting long meals is quite literally exhausting. I’d love to go 100% but I have a feeling the social aspect of eating would be difficult

Unfortunately, lots of people around me think about it the same way.

It is not impressive - Huel is just food.

It does not require discipline - I am not forcing myself or depriving myself of pleasure. I value my time and Huel gives me more time for things I actually find enjoyable - instead of wasting time shopping/cooking/cleaning.

Huel works for me and I do not mess with things that already work. By only eating Huel, I do not risk food poisoning or other food-related illnesses. 100% is the way to go for me.


Just out of curiosity… would those people skeptical of the powder bat an eyelid if you started smoking or drinking alcohol daily?
I bet they would shrug it off quickly… while still feeling concerned about the powder.
That reflection is what made me stop paying attention. If anything it’s funny to realize the layers of incoherence all around.

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I think that people are sceptical because it’s new but let’s face it when there is a zombie apocalypse, those of us who have stocked up on the nutritionally complete, powdered goodness will be the ones who have to lock our doors :joy:


I agree, and I am someone who can eat the same things days on end, but humans have evolved to enjoy a varied diet with different tastes and textures, so eating UU Huel for extended periods is impressive. I’ve eaten Huel only for weeks on end, but still unable to find the commitment to be full 100% for aeons.

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I have Huel 4 times a day, have been on that sort of ration for the last 2+ years.
I often have some plain crisps, a bowl of cereal or some haribo or something similar as an evening snack though so not sure it counts as “100% huel”

My meals are a 3 scoop breakfast, 3 scoop around 11:30-12:00, 3 scoop mid afternoon, 3 scoop evening meal.

I skip the evening meal one on the rare occasion i’m going to eat something with family.

sometimes have a family meal (like single digits a year).

I’ve got strong FODMAP intolerance issues, so eating “normally” results in a lot of discomfort, pain, lost hours in the bathroom and unpleasantness to those around me.
I’ve tried gradual re-introduction but never seem to have success, and I really don’t want to have to spend hours and hours a week figuring out whats in everything and how much i can tolerate to reintroduce, life is way too short.

Eating huel, with the option of flavour packs for all base food works fine for me.

The majority of ingredients that make food scrummy are on the FODMAP list, garlic, onion, fructose bearing fruit and veg etc, also good old wheat/gluten.

even with the flavour packs i’m lazy and normally just have one flavour all day as i make all 4 up at breakfast and can’t be bothered to rinse the blender attachment between flasks.

It has changed my relationship with food completely on many levels, but pretty much all for the better as far as i’m concerned.


This resonates with me SO much. I too try to adhere to FODMAP friendly foods. To be honest I dont think I could realistically adopt a 100% food diet long term. I am aiming to have it as my 3x meals a day for the next 30 days though to see if my health improves though. Glad it’s working for you though :slightly_smiling_face:

I did 100% for a few months and felt great, I lost a few stones and was more energetic, mentally and physically. Trying to get back on to it now as I have over done eating wheat/gluten and suffering for it, feel terrible and going cold turkey on Monday off wheat hasn’t helped. I am sure if I stick to Huel 100% for a week or 2 it will sort itself out. I love my fresh bread, Pizzas and biscuits it’s my weaknesses and over do it and will probably do it again and suffer for it but if you can stick to 100% it’s a million times better.


Do you only have the original flavour or do you use vanilla, choc, etc, with or without added flavours such as maca, cacao etc?

I only eat the Unflavored/Unsweetened version. No flavorings added.


You live life in hardcore mode :laughing:


More like easy mode. No shopping, no cooking, no cleaning up? It’s the dream of many.


I have just completed one year on a virtually Huel only diet. I have four Huel’s a day, actually made of two scoops Huel vanilla and one scoop Myprotein vanilla protein powder (because it boosts the vanilla taste) plus one dessert spoon of Myprotein peanut butter plus ice and maybe a quarter pint of water.

Despite having the same Heul based meal everyday, I love the taste and always enjoy the meal. Other than that I have one cup of coffee and a banana for breakfast. I will have had no more than half a dozen hot meals in the past year, including Christmas Day. I guess as a consequence I am virtually, but not consciously, a vegan.

At 62 I train hard six days week, including boxing, competitive seniors football, PT work and general gym sessions. I train a minimum of two hours a day, six days a week.

After a year, I have put on 7lbs, deliberately, to make me more physically competitive playing football and now weigh 12 stone 7. My bodyfat has remained steady at 11%. I have recommenced weight training after a break of thirty years and am now broadly lifting double the weights I was this time last year.

I appear to have no adverse affects. On reflection I now realise that I haven’t suffered any sniffs, coughs, colds or viruses in the year.

I have really enjoyed the experience and will continue with it. It suits my active lifestyle, accommodates my lifetime disinterest in food and sits comfortably with being a non-drinker for 40 years.

I can understand that most would see this regime as rather extreme but it is perfect for me.


Do you make up your day’s Huel in one batch?

Nowadays, I have 3 Huel shakers, so I just fill them all up at the same time and drink them all within 1 hour for a total of 2000kcal.

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