Five Weeks on a 100%-Huel Diet

Hey guys,

Over the past few months, we have completed a small trial looking at the impact of having Huel Powder for 100% daily nutrition for 5-weeks.

A short summary version can be found [here] which links through to the full write up, inc Appendix.

At the time, we weren’t necessarily going to formalise the trial & it was for internal findings only, but as we like to be transparent, we thought we’d share the info. As such, I’d like to call out that there were a couple of limitations to the trial. The write up was based around 4 core participants, although we had post-trial blood results for 13 participants in total. Ideally, we would have had all measurements taken for all participants, but we simply did not have the resource at the time of the trial. Similarly, we would like to have had more vitamins and minerals tested for, but our partner clinic couldn’t facilitate. If we decide to run a similar trial in the future, we would look to address these limitations.

Happy reading!


Nice work Huel! Positive little experiment.

I’m almost 100% Huel Diet save the social aspect etc and am now on my 6th week having been given 2 bags to sample off my mate.

What do you guys recommend with regards to the uric acid thing? It seems to make my urine more yellow than normal and I am countercting that with more water over the day to see if that will help. I usually drink a lot of water but it seems I require more with Huel.

Feel free to have me as an experiment next time!

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Good point. It seemed to do that with mine in the early days…and a smell of popcorn, which I don’t mind…it’s better than eating beetroot and getting a serious fright the next day. It may still smell of popcorn but I’ve gotten used to it. At least when I am incontinent when watching the Favourite in the local muliplex no-one seems to notice or mind.


Haha. The beetroot fright happened to me once. Thought that was it for me aged 30. Never eaten them since!


Thanks for posting this, interesting read :nerd_face:

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I used to have a glass of beetroot juice every morning, at first it shocked me the colour of my pee lol

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