Anyone had a vitamin test while taking Huel?

I just read the urination post about the person being vitamin d deficient two weeks after stopping Huel.

So it got me thinking, has anyone had a vitamin test, either from the doctor or those ones you do at home then send off, while eating a lot of Huel with or without supplements?

I take quite a few vitamin supplements each day and have Huel so it would be nice to cut out some of the supplements if I knew Huel was doing the job.



During Huel’s beginning, I took blood tests before and after Huel and also again after stopping Huel.
I don’t have the stats but medically, they were much better. My vitamin profile seemed more even across all levels (eg vitamin K) and complete remembering the results.
Physically, I felt better and more energetic.

It’s worth noting that I drastically became stricter with Nutrition but nevertheless, I feel Huel had a major part in my health. Since taking Huel, I feel it’s helped a lot of things from skin, hair, brain duction, bloating and there is a medical link which isn’t just feeling. Huel has been a game changer!

When Huel Black arrived, I felt even better going more low carb/keto with the protein hack as regular Huel was too oaty/carby but that’s relative to me. Thank god for Huel black. I’d like to see an even lower carb version.

I’m interested to hear more people on the topic so I subscribe to this Thread.


You might be interested in reading about this mini-trial we did. There’s a few bits on vitamins and minerals in the blood results. Perhaps not exactly the detail you’re after, but have a read if you’re interested.