Test Results

Hi, where could I find the results of those who have replaced their meals with Huel for a year, other scientific research tests with huel. Thanks

I would suggest and recommend to have a look in the experience board in this forum. There are plenty of threads. I personally Googled for about 1 month regarding huel. That quite helped a lot.

There isn’t any scientific research about anyone using Huel 100% for a year. I’m not sure if anyone here has carried out their own testing (cc/@JJMC)? We did some tests on a couple of volunteers for 1 month with you can read here. Hope this helps!


I volunteered and supplied some medical test results (well man checks, bloods, weight, blood pressure etc) to Huel about six months in and the Docs couldn’t believe the difference between the new and previous reads.

I’m now 19 months in (bloody hell!!) and happy to get more done.

I alter my Huel levels based upon what I know I’ll be doing day-to-day so if I’m doing a yoga session or some calisthenics (gentle, although my wife would disagree with that statement after I’ve done a few hundred press-ups) I adjust my intake. Its great, so easy and never looked back.

If they ever repeat ‘In Solitary’ I’d be happy to go in…so long as had my Huel.

Happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Sounds good, overall positive experience seems like. JJMC what kind of differences were there in your prior results in comparison to 19 months later. Felt any mental changes? Thanks :slight_smile:

@JJMC Great to hear.

Have you posted your own blood tests and/or blood pressure results/comparisons anywhere? I am hoping to switch to as close as possible to 100% Huel, generally for the health benefits as my liver readings are consistently abnormal (e.g. high ALT for months/years and also high iron levels).

Hello there. Sorry for the delay. Not publicly but sent onto Huel. Happy to pm them to you (when I dig them out).

I’ve never looked back since starting Huel. The only downside has been the cost of replacing my wardrobe…