Blood Tests

Hi All,
I’m a recent Huel convert - been on Huel for about 2 out of 3 meals over the last five or six weeks. It’s going really well, and I’ve recommended Huel to a few friends, clients, etc. Here’s a graph showing my weight loss (in kg) over the last month or so (the first few weeks on Huel I didn’t track my weight):

Anyway, back to the subject - I know very little about nutrition, but now I’m growing curious about blood testing, and learning a bit more about what is going on inside my body. I’ve come across this service: Does anyone here have any experience of this service? Or any other similar ones they could recommend?
Many thanks,

I had a similar one done for free at my Doctor’s. I’d mentioned regular tiredness despite getting plenty of sleep, so had a test done. A week later I phoned up for the report, which I passed, so for me it seems large portions (100-125g) of Huel were causing me to feel tired after drinking it.

Interesting. Cheers Dan.