My Huel experience after 6 weeks


New member here, I thought i would join to share my experience after reading a few threads found on google. I Started using Huel at the beginning of January so still fairly new.

A little about me,
Been on a health kick since January 2018, started to eat healthier, exercise more, take multivits etc the usual, this year have decided to step it up notch and try out Huel to see what it does for me.
Important factors for me were to eat right and lose weight which on the face of things Huel looks the perfect “aid” to assist me in my goals, i know Im eating clean healthy food with the added benefit of calorie control to assist fat loss as the route Im taking is keep my calories at around 1500 per day untill my desired weight is reached.

Few facts & figures,

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6.4
Weight Jan 01: 126.5kg
Weight Feb 14: 119.5kg
Exercise: 30 mins cycling 5 days out 7 & ~9000 steps each day
Resting heart rate: 59 BPM
Blood Pressure Jan 01: 125/65

How im taking Huel?
Ive decided to take Huel at breakfast and lunch consisting of 2 scoops for each which puts me at around 600 calories per day in Huel and then having a healthy dinner in the evening, i either snack very minimally or not at all, at weekends i still have Huel at breakfast and lunch but will eat whatever i fancy for dinner as a treat, still very little snacking over the weekend.
I tend to drink 3 litres or more of water per day, occasionally coffee and fruit juice, this hasn’t changed recently and has always been the norm.

How have i gotten on with Huel?
In short fantastically, it tastes good, its convenient, i feel i have more energy, i feel generally better in myself, one thing that stands out for me is i suffered with acid reflux, every day around 4pm it would flare up but since being on Huel i haven’t had acid reflux once.

Weight loss
I tend to yo-yo around the 125kg mark, 132kg was my heaviest last year and after being on Huel for 6 weeks without changing any other factors other than making sure my evening meal is healthy i have lost 7kg, obviously Huel isn’t a magical potion that melts fat and i understand that the weight loss is due to the calorie deficit but i can honestly say Huel is making the process easy!

Last year i tried Thriva and had my blood tested for various things, just out of curiosity really but i do now tend to keep a track on my health with Thriva by occasionally having tests, my liver function was fine, but my cholesterol was slightly concerning, not enough to worry but enough to make suitable changes to bring them into a more satisfactory range, the last time i checked my cholesterol was October so i have some base figures to go from and see if Huel can improve on them (although not 100% accurate as there will be a gap between my last blood test being October to when i started Huel in January but then this isnt suppose to be scientifically accurate, just a rough outlook)

These are my cholesterol results from October, i have taken another one today to send off so will update sometime next week to see how they compare.


So, hopefully this is of use to some of you or just interesting to read, im still relatively new this and suspect ill make changes along the way, this is just my experience of my way of taking Huel so if you have any tips then feel free to share.

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