Huel for the long haul?

I’ve been on 100% Huel since 27th November last year and I’m becoming more confident that I could stick this out for the long haul (indefinite).

I love huel because it both takes the guess work out of my nutritional intake and is also convenient to make up anywhere (which is good for my strict gym eating times).

However, when telling friends and family that I may have huel 100% for a very long period of time, the response given is normally along the lines of “your stomach will forget how to eat, and you will develop IBS and then crohn’s disease, and then have a calostomy bag for life”.

I apologise if this topic has already been discussed but I’ve struggled to find something this specific.

Would be great to get some reassurance that this won’t happen and maybe no one knows because no one has yet accomplished the task of eating 100% huel for a very long time?

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I think you’re kind of blazing a new trail here. Even the makers of Huel don’t normally consume Huel 100% of the time. They were originally going to pay someone to live on 100% Huel for a year, but that fell through. Instead, they got two people to do it for a month:

It could be argued that by being on 100% Huel you’re making things too easy on your digestive system because it’s already been broken down into a liquid. However, some nutrition experts advise we should actually be chewing solid food until it’s liquid before swallowing anyway.

But there remains the question of whether your body would eventually stop being able to respond to chewing in the same way it normally does. Another possible concern is that by having a limited range of food ingredients, your body might stop being able to produce digestive enzymes for some other foods; although could probably be remedied at a later date if necessary by taking a digestive enzyme supplement. But if you do seriously plan to only have Huel, never eating any other food ever again, maybe it would never actually be a problem for you.

Personally, if it was me, I would probably want to build up to it. For example, I would try a week on 100% Huel, then eat other food, then a month, then 3 months, then 6 months, then a year, then indefinitely. By going indefinitely right off the bat, you might be venturing into uncharted territory.

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Why don’t you see if you could convince the Huel team to do that year-long study after all? You pay for the Huel, they pay for the tests. That way you get the reassurance of knowing what’s going on biologically, and Huel get to do their study at a discount. Seems like it would be in everyone’s interest.


I’m confident that I’d easily be able to consume huel for a year strait and I’m not saying that to brag I’m just currently in a position where having nothing but huel seems to be very easy.

The only reason I havn’t approached the makers of Huel is because I assumed they were not interested in doing it anymore.

Also I’ve been on and off with Huel for quite some time, its only in November that I decided to just jump in, no hesitation and just go full blown 100%. The first 2 weeks where a challenge with my body and brain saying “what no rubbish food?!?”, but once that stopped it became very easy. :slight_smile:

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@TimOfficeHuel What do you think? Would you do the year long trial if the participant was paying for the Huel?

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I think it’d still have the same bias problem that Julian has spoken of previously…

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Sure, but I think most of us would agree that some data beats no data. This would be particularly true if the results of the tests themselves where available alongside the analysis of the results. Then the opportunities for bias are greatly reduced, as the analysis could be repeated by any third party with the time and knowledge.

Really I don’t get why Huel are surprised that there were some negative reactions to the study they did. I challenge you to find any notable study that didn’t get some flak for some part of its methodology. You might find one in maths, maybe physics, but certainly not biology. Sometimes the criticism raises valid points but more often it states the obvious, and comes from nobody of any particular knowledge. Most of the criticism of Huel’s study was stating the obvious, and could have been ignored.


I didn’t know if anyone within the community or even within the Huel company might have been able to give some reasons as to why drinking it long term wont cause damage to my insides.


I’ll probably ( through purely fear of internal damage ) end up consuming a vegan diet on top of the Huel when I get to a stage where I am happy with my weight.

A definite positive of Huel is that its allowed me to push through my cravings. So having gone from a keen meat eater and M&M’s share bag enthusiast to a vegan is a big step.

I’m probably going to be consuming nothing but Huel for the next 2 months at least.

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I’ve been pretty much 100% since January last year bar a hand full of meals out - valentines, children’s birthdays, that sort of thing.

I even had Huel as my Christmas and boxing day meals and probably had the best Christmas bar none that I can remember - no bloating etc…

I’ve mixed it up a bit with various adds and lately have made and (kinda) made my own Huel (based) bars with coconut and flaxseed powder.

I’m an emotional eater and there are days when I could easy raid the cupboard and go wild but I catch myself and re-focus.

This past year has been difficult on several different levels but I’m pleased Huel has been in my corner otherwise I hate to think what state I’d be in.

Only side effects I can advise of is fat loss and the odd bouts of flatulence but I think that’s down to the occasional change in the local water - I know when it’s changed coz me cuppa’s taste funny for a while.

You are still having food, your stomach still acts in the same way as if it were solid food well masticated.

I have boat loads of temptation daily as I make pretty much make all the meals for the household, I like cooking BUT that temptation has seen me gain a whole lot of fat in the past.

I had a couple of ‘well man’ checks at the doctors only a small amount of months apart and the results bloods, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate all much approved.

I’ll never look back.


Something tells me that, in the fullest respect, none of the people making those claims in your family are doctors, or nutritionists, and possibly not even all that interested in their own health diets and consume loads of sugar and junk. Just saying.

That’s certainly been my experience! People tucking into sausage sandwiches on white bread smothered in brown sauce going on about how they eat a clean and balanced diet and that I should just do the same lol


For a second there I was feeling like Matt Damon on Mars, and then I saw this comment and returned to earth safe and sound lol.

100% agree with this. Only thing that swung me was my own brain thinking that it being liquid may take away some of the processing done by the stomach, this and the comments from people made a bit anxious. :slight_smile:

I’ve consumed mostly Huel for nearly 5 months now with around 1-2 meals per week of something different for social reasons. That’s 27 Bags so far.
I’ve also had other people be skeptical how healthy it would be to only consume liquid food. At first glance it may make a bit of sense, but anybody who understands a bit more about the digestive system, like me as a dental medicine student in the 9th semester, should know that it isn’t so easy and has a few aspects.

  1. The jaw and teeth.
    I had people tell me, I will loose all my teeth if I continue “eating” Huel, because I’m not chewing anything. If you really don’t chew anything, then your jaw Bones and Muscles will degenerate, which could contribute to Tooth loss. But I personally don’t have such worries since I also chew the seeds in Huel and also press with my jaw at night. If anything, I should chew less because I already have slight problems with my jaw joint.
  2. Nutrients
    Some friends and family fear I will not get the nutrients I really need. But if you compare it to the stuff I randomly ate before Huel, there is just no way it could be worse.
    I haven’t heard of anybody without some certain diseases who isn’t following some stupid diet who is missing some nutrients in developed countries. So instead of classifying certain food as healthy, I prefer to classify it as less unhealthy.
    And for me personally Huel is the least unhealthy food which is convenient for me.
    Some people tell me I just have to eat only “healthy” stuff etc. But first of all, I hate cooking, and it is really hard, time consuming and expensive to not eat unhealthy.
  3. Digestion
    A friend told me once: “Eating only liquid food must be bad for your stomach and intestines because they don’t have to work.” I just told him this:
    Cook the perfect, balanced meal and eat it. Chew everything and also drink an appropriate amount of water. What is in your stomach now? It’s basically Huel.

Huel may not be perfect (As a dentist I would like to see fluoride back in Huel for example), but since it is based on research, it’s better than just randomly eating whatever is cheap, convenient and suits your taste.


Sorry if I caused you to crash - not my intention. Was meant to encourage rather than discourage. Ignore the haters mate - it is possible to go 100% without negative side effects. My teeth haven’t dropped out. My stomach hasn’t exploded due to excess acid coz it’s not digesting solids. It’s all good.

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No it was a compliment sorry haha. I was referring to the film Martian where Matt Damon is left alone on Mars desperate to try and survive lol. Your comments have given me confidence to continue on my 100% huel journey :grinning:


More power to your elbow my friend. Enjoy the journey, I know I am.

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