One Month on Huel Trials - Two Subjects

Hi Huelers!

James has uploaded his mini-study of the effects of 1 month on Huel. The link can be found here -

Have a read and see what you think!


Excellent work. I found this very interest to read, even though much of it was just as I would expect.

Why did subject 1 increase his exercise from 3 5km jogs to 5 5km jogs during the study? Wouldn’t it have been better to not alter any variables that would directly impact the things you are measuring such as bmi and fat?

Being into my 4th month of 95% huel I can easily see the positive changes myself, but for a study of huel effects I am greatly surprised that you’d also alter the exercise patterns of the subjects. Now you cannot compare to their previous lifestyle as positive huel effects are confused by positive effects due to increased exercise…

When announcing for the year long volunteer I believe only 30mins of activity was permitted in that program. So is this a separate study with different goals, or is the year long study still running in parallel?

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Ah , perfect timing - I’m doing a talk on Huel in a week!

Are you doing any longer term studies?


Really interesting reading the results, good to know how Huel affects you over a longer period. I’ve got a couple of questions though:

(1) Is it at all concerning that both subjects ended up with infections during the trial? I understand that it’s a small sample size so could easily be coincidence, but is there anything in the results that you’re investigating further on this?

(2) Is 5kgs weight loss in a month healthy? Seems like rather a lot for two guys who weren’t actually overweight to begin with. Both subjects lost about 2.8kgs of fat, meaning I’m guessing the rest was the result of lower muscle mass or possibly lower water retention. If it’s the second then that’s fine but if it’s the first then not so great. How can you ensure that the results are confined to fat loss, would you just take in more calories and have a lower, more sustainable deficit?

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why is the CK level so high?in the liver .thanks

High creatine kinase normally indicates muscle damage - maybe change in exercise routine and associated muscle repair / increase in muscle mass??

Hi @sanovine

S1 had previously exercise more and wanted to get back to what he had done. The goal of this was not primarily to demonstrate any benefits of 100% Huel, but to show that there are no health problems apparent from consuming Huel totally for one month.

This was a small trial and it was just to give people an idea. Indeed, the trial was as much for me to improve design when we run larger / longer trials.

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I plan to later this year.

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Hi @Chris - good questions.

  1. Not really. It was that time of year and both guys work in an office and stated that others around them had been ill.

  2. They could have had more Huel, but they chose not to. S2 reported improved performance weight training and strength gains, indicating no loss of muscle.

In retrospect, I would have liked the subjects to have had a little more Huel, although they were both very happy with the results

Yes, @JJMC and @antho268 - the CK level will be due to the infections and increased exercise-induced muscle breakdown.

Any thoughts to trying to get this published?

I’d be interested to see some of these results in a woman – iron, for instance. Any multi-gender studies in the foreseeable future?

Hi @Jooke - TBH, I don’t think the study design would be good enough to get this published. This was more to show people some results.

@georgie - I am hoping to do a number of studies looking at different population groups in the future.

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What about people who never exercise? :slight_smile: (yes, such people do exist, like me!)

Good idea :slight_smile:

I suffer from gout (I take Allopurinol every day which has prevented an attack for several years now).

Should I be concerned about the increased Uric Acid levels in both subjects?

Subject 1’s uric acid was within the normal range

Subject 2’s was high, but this may have been due to his infection. He did report to have had been quite poorly in the last week and there may have been a link here.

@JamesCollier will the year long study be of publishable standard? Will we see a proper error analysis and will you submit it to any peer review journals?

Hi @Quidditch - any trail done by ourselves is unlikely to be used by peer reviewed journals as these need to be more of a formal epidemiological study as opposed to a trial and be run by independent people.