1 month in 1 stone lighter

So today on the scaled I’m down to 18 stone 10. It’s exactly 1 month to the day since my first order of Huel.

I haven’t changed my level of exercise (4-6000 steps a day working). I’ve been about 90% Huel overall. I now do 3 100gm shakes a day, normally one of which is made with coconut milk or alpro and fruit, and a couple of snack a jack type rice crackers and a small bar of chocolate in the evening.

I’m never hungry. 1st shake between 10:30 and 12, 2nd between 3-6, last around 8ish normally. Whenever I feel the need, about once a week we have take away like kebab or Chinese or pizza, but within a day or two my weight’s back on track.

Huel is a revelation. I’ve spent a bit on shakers and getting the best blender I could (magi mix Le blender is amazing) but it’s working so worth it.

We experiment with flavours and treats like mixing in Sainsburys raspberry sorbet with fresh strawberrys or just found a liquid spiced chocolate orange which is only 27 calories for 10gms (Sainsburys with the hot chocolate powders) which keeps it interesting, and I make up 4 batches in a blender double concentrated for speed, then add them to shakers with 250ml of water in which is easy and much faster than making Two loads in the blender. (I’m making for the wife as well, seems our food prep roles have completely reversed lol).


Awesome progress! Thanks for sharing, and keep it up.

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Well done!! Keep up the great work

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Adam - it’s great to hear you’ve had success with it.

Sounds like a good idea to make it twice as thick and then dilute more.

I’ve done the maths though, and it sounds like you’re eating only 1270 calories a day. A guesstimate would be your TDEE is around 250-2800 calories. This deficit could be quite bad for you in the longer run. I’m certainly not a dietitian, but you might want to consider this point.

@pookey thanks for the support!

Actually in reality it’s not as bleak as that, I have a packet of snack-a-jacks after work, and a small dark chocolate (85%) for the anti-diabetic properties. We also regularly break the diet a couple of times a week for takeaway etc. Finally, we try and use a soya milk instead of water once a day, or so, and frozen berries etc and that adds more calories. I’m aiming for sub 1800 a day and Mrs sub 1500.

Currently 18 stone 7 today, so 17lbs total loss so far