Has anyone gone 100% Huel long term?

Thank you for your reply.

So you consume an entire day’s worth of food in one hour?

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Yes. Some call it intermittent fasting or OMAD (one meal a day). I call it getting it done and over with.


Are you hungry the rest of the day? Could you tell more about this? Its very interesting

I was interested in the whole OMAD thing but read a few studies saying it is detrimental health wise for women of childbearing age. The benefits of it for men seem pretty good though!

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It would seem that you don’t enjoy ”regular food” all that much? Or alcoholic drinks?

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Nope. I have stable energy levels throughout the day.

There’s not much else to say. You can find stuff in my post history, or find similar people on here or the r/soylent subreddit. In the end, Huel is simply food. If you have any specific questions, I am happy to answer though.

Food was always a chore for me. When I was a kid, I wished for a food pill to exist. Huel is at least part-way there.

I don’t drink alcohol for health reasons.

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I like my Huel, but I do like the 2x200 g cheeseburger I just stuffed into my face for lunch also. And I’ll enjoy the Dry Martini I’m having before dinner tonight, as well as the Nebbiolo I’ll be having with my spaghetti carbonara.

Apologies for drifting slightly off topic. Just wanted to state that there are pleasures in food and drink that it would be a shame to give up on.

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I like my Huel… Thats why I am drinking a Chocolate flavour Huel as I type this now, yummy :smiley: