[Looking for Huel Challengers!] Huel 100%: 1 Week Challenge

Heya! So after about 3 weeks of replacing lunch wth Huel, I’m gearing up to do a 1 week 100% Huel Challenge.


  • When: 7/5-13/5/18
  • Who: Anyone who’s looking to challenge themselves, with accountability partners!
  • What: A space to share our updates and struggles
  • Why: To form a group to keep each other accountable, and to make the process more fun!

Who’s with me? :ok_woman:

Just comment below; I’d love to get to know you and hear about your Huel experience so far!

Edit: I’ve started a thread, where a bunch of us are sharing our 100% experiences. Feel free to join in! Huel 100%: 1 Week Challenge


I’m on day six of Huel and have built up to 3x meals of 2 scoops New Vanilla (Gluten Free) Huel plus 1x 60g serving of Original Huel Granola with 100ml rice milk.

It’s suiting me really well (hence why I’ve so quickly switched to that routine). I’m feeling really good and think (hope!) I’m past the worst of the sugar crash / cravings. I used to consume a massive amount of sugar, and cutting that and all snacking out is a really positive change so I’m feeling physically and psychologically good!

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Count me in. My only difficulty is having 2 kids to cook for so it’s tempting to eat leftovers…but I’m up for the challenge. Would like to break my sugar addiction!

I’d actually join you on this, but while I’m on a cut I’m not reducing my protein lower that it is, if I was at my norm I’d absolutely do this!

Plus I’m like starving at 2500 calories already, I’m not drinking calories that I could be eating… Whereas its easy as heck to drink 3500 cals! :slight_smile: at least for me anyway.

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@nimmish that’s good to hear! How much Huel are you eating then? (And are you doing :100: % Huel?

@juyaib Yay!! I’ll tag you in my 100% post when I create it, feel free to check in daily there! :smiley: And wow, that’s just take some serious willpower, I don’t know how I’d be able to do it if I were cooking for others! :scream: So glad to have a Huel challenge partner hehe :slight_smile: I have a HUGE addiction to sugar too! It’s terrible.

@Stole_My_Sweetroll Aww next time then! Whoa, how do you drink 3500kcal of Huel? That’s insane! Do you use it to bulk then?

Yes, 100% Huel, including the Huel Granola.

3x meals of 76g GF Vanilla with 340ml water, plus 60g Original Granola with 100ml rice milk.
That plus coffee and other drinks throughout the day and the occasional cocoa / peanut butter powder for flavour puts my daily calorie intake between 1200 and 1300. All being logged so I can keep track and on top of it :ok_hand:

A very drastic change from my previous diet which consisted mostly of ready meals, sugary cereal and biscuits/sweets!

I never would have thought there would be a time where a) I was having a balanced diet b) not snacking and c) my cupboards weren’t full of sugary crap :grinning:

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@Stole_My_Sweetroll Aww next time then! Whoa, how do you drink 3500kcal of Huel? That’s insane! Do you use it to bulk then?

Well, I’ve never drunk 3500 kcals of Huel exactly, but yeah when I’m on a slow bulk that’s around the figure I consume daily… So I could easily do that I’d imagine.

To be fair at the end of this previous slow bulk I’ve finished (by slow I mean 2 steady years) I stopped gaining much at the 3500 kcals mark, so it might even be higher than that I’ll need eventually, but I’ll figure that out after my cut, and see where things end up :slight_smile:

@juyaib I’ve tagged you in my 100% challenge post! It’d be great if we kept each other updated there hehe :slight_smile: ARE YOU READY?? 🙆

I’ll join! Starting tomorrow and for a week from then though (barbecue arranged for today). I have been having Huel for breakfast and lunch the past 2 weeks and it was my normal breakfast before that. Trying to loose weight slowly, I have previously been a crash diet user so the plan is to keep calories to 1500 and see how that goes long term, instead of expecting to drop 2lbs a day then quitting when that doesn’t happen.
I work in a Food Hall/Farmshop so look at food all day, and regularly get new products placed in front of me to try so it’s all too easy to snack all day long. A complete restriction to just Huel will leave no room for sneaky nibbles!

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@annacountrybell Awesome, love to have you on board! Keep us updated in the link above :smiley: Wow that must be so difficult, I don’t know how I’d be able to get my mind off food! I actually, I kid you not, just dreamt last night that I was on 100% Huel but there was a buffet spread with smoked salmon and I caved… :frowning:

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I’ve been 100% since thurs evening …
Feeling good and sleep better using huel :+1:
Aiming to do at least 2 weeks at 100%?
Maybe more ??

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Hi @jeffy89 I’m a bit late to the party, but I fancy a 1 week challenge so I’ll start mine tomorrow. It will really help as I have a manic schedule of travelling over the first 4 days, and my past pattern has always been to grab chocolates or pastries to eat on the train. When I’ve got the Huel discipline going I can easily overcome that.

I’ve been doing 2 meals a day for the last month, so it feels right to go up to 3. I’ll take 100 cals breakfast with a shot of coffee, 500 cals lunch (probably cinnamon or nooch flavoured) and 700 cals in the evening, varying my flavourings. That pattern seems to work for me.

Thanks for setting this up! Good luck!

Hey @Madeleine!! Haha it’s never too late to Huel party :stuck_out_tongue: :tada: Ah yes getting proper nutrition when traveling is the worst isn’t it! Your plan sounds great, keep us posted here Huel 100%: 1 Week Challenge :smile:

I started on Tuesday. I looked at my TDEE is 1700 only so actually I can only take 1200 if I want to lose weight. I am doing 2 Huel a day 3 scoops each- around 1000 calories+ some fruit to get my taste buds going. It’s difficult to get the lumps out- if my bf shakes it for me there are no lumps but there are lumps if i shake it!
Need to lose weight for wedding for June so I am doing it for 2 weeks-16:8 also btw.

Can expect around 1lb per week on a deficit of 500 cals. :slight_smile:

Good timing, i want to start a 1 week only Huel challenge from Monday!

Currently i have it twice a day + 1 food meal for dinner.
It puts me in a calorie deflict of 500kl.
I then do 500kl cardio every day on top.

Ive done this now for 2 weeks however little weight loss so i need to become more strict my dinner choices even if i am quite active.

I am Looking to loose 1kg a week.
By my maths, if i stay on track that should be 100% possible.

Id love to join you on your weight loss journey!

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8 days in of my 100% Huel journey … and I succumbed a proper meal !
A bowl of spiced chicken soup … I was really hungry and didn’t fancy yet another shake !

Must admit it was a bit difficult consuming the soup (because of dental surgery) and to be honest I didn’t really enjoy it !!
A portion was 250cal so it didn’t add too much to my daily total …today is 5 x 300 cal shakes (which is 300ml water and 2 scoops of Huel each serving) plus a bowl of soup 250 cal…
Had a 4 mile dog walk and 2x7 mile cycle rides
So I should still lose weight

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Heya! How’s your 100% Huel going? Did you end up starting on Monday? :slight_smile:

I have been doing 100% for just over a week. I have been advised to have more than 3 x 2 scoops with 400ml of filtered water. So next week I shall have 4 on the odd day if I feel a bit peckish. Yea I know, but I want to really lose fat. I am 5ft 4ins and 18 stone due to fibromyalgia and a fairly sedentary life style. I am also type 2 diabetic. I am desperate to lose all this extra lard. My sugar has got much better this week since being on Huel.

Hi there, I’ve seen your post and @gtipug’s advice that 1000kcal is verging on unsafe. I agree, and would like to add that it’s VERY likely to be unsustainable too. I’ve calculated your calorie needs using https://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html (you can do it yourself too to make it more accurate)

To maintain: 2098kcal
To lose 1lb/week: 1598kcal

The lowest you should go is 1200kcal, it shouldn’t be optional. Any lower and you won’t be able to get all the nutrients you need.

I empathise, I have been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember, and have gone on many extreme diets cutting below 1000kcal. The result? Temporary weight loss. Oh, and hair loss too, and general fatigue, feeling deprived…only to gain it all back and more.
All I’m saying is, don’t go to extremes to lose weight: it probably won’t work in the long run :slight_smile:
Sorry if it sounds a bit too emphatic; I just wish I had someone to caution me when I first tried to lose weight.

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