100% Huel starting today 2019

Hallo all,

I am going on 100% Huel per today. I have used Huel for a couple of months now, but combined it with food. My goals are: losing weight (have lost 10 kilo’s already, but want to lose another 10) Reset my tastebuds (I love salt and fat, resulting in overeating) address foodaddictions and learn to identify hunger from boredom and or thirst.
I will eat 400 grams of Huel a day, so 1600 kcal. I feel that that amount is realistic, something I will be able to keep up, once I decide to eat other foods again.
More 100% Huelers here in 2019? Would like to share experiences.

More about me: I am a 55 year old woman, vegan and a little overweight (hormones and thyroid problems and overeating) I live in Amsterdam


Good luck :grin:

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wow that is drastic … are you sure you need this? It would sound terribly sad for me to have to do that but it’s your choice

1600 kcal seems very low. What is your metabolic basal rate?
Do you workout at least a bit?

Good luck!

I’m starting a regime where I go 100 percent Huel, combined with intermittent fasting (eating window 8-16), Monday through Wednesday. Thursdays and Fridays I have Huel for breakfast and lunch and eat regular food for dinner. Weekends I have Huel just for breakfast.

Working out with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises weekday mornings, running or walking most lunch hours at work, gym on the weekends.

That’s the plan, anyway. :slight_smile:


And why do you plan to eat huel only?

He isn’t just eating Huel, only on 3 days a week.

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My question was for jody5464

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1600 kcal is not that low at all, it is a bit lower but I see more people going much lower while dieting. I do work out, walk a lot daily, 10.000 steps or about 9 kilometers. I also cycle and work out in my home. Since I am past menopause I need to lower my calorie intake, 1600 is a little below my maintenance level. I described my reasons in my introduction. I am resetting myself, to the diet I used to eat before I got ill (Hashimotos) I gained a lot of weight, 20 kilos and also turned into an emotional eater. Not uncommon with a thyroid desease. To lose the weight is not easy for a Hypothyroid person, that is why I am turning to Huel. I can control my calorie intake and I am not hungry. I lost the first ten by dieting with “real” food, now I am hoping to shed te rest with the help of Huel.


That sounds like a plan, 8-16 is the window I used to eat in almost my entire life, very doable. Maybe I will end up with something like your regime as the second step.

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The idea of just eating Huel does not make me sad at all. I don’ t know if you have ever read the comic of the Jetson family, a family that lives in the future and eats food in the shape of tablets. As a child I already liked that idea. Very convenient, take a pill and go on with the rest of your life:smiley:

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Haha, as a kid I read a science annual, which had quite a few interesting things in it, but one of them was that in the future humans would just be able to eat a pill a day to get all their nutritional requirements. I always thought that was an awesome idea.


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Me too with the pill a day thing. Huel is pretty close to that but more like “Bachelor Chow (now with flavour)” from Futurama, anyway it definately influenced my decision to give it a try.

Enjoy this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ohd--psEy4&t=24m10s


Yep nothing wrong with 100% at all been doing it myself and lost 4 stone this year, 1500 calories a day, 2000 calories was too much for me. I feel much healthier and have more energy. Before Huel I used to eat a lot of crap and had many takeaways, I sometimes have a pig out which I enjoy but feel worse for wear afterwards, more tired and sometimes headaches. I am happy with Huel and know I am getting plenty of nutrition, just need to drink more water which I find hard to do. I used to get a lot of headaches/migraines before Huel, when I first started 100% I got headaches but after a short while they stopped and I really do feel good on 100%. But if I pig out and have lots of sugary things or junk food ( even bread ) back come the headaches and feel like crap. My mood is also better if I am strict and stick to 100% for a while. So good luck to you on 100% I hope it goes well for you.


So I went 100% Huel for 3 days and it went perfectly, not that many problems at all

Went for 3 scoops in the morning, 2 scoops at 11, 2 scoops at 2 and 3 at 5. Works well, no problem, no hunger at all!

Went back to food due to work things, but starting back tomorrow!

@Ian42 Sounds very much like the headaches are sugar withdrawal symptoms, particularly if you get them when you eat sugar again. I found exactly the same thing when I reintroduced refined sugar after a year without it. I highly recommend the documentary ‘That Sugar Film’ if you’re interested in a really funny, easy to watch but informative look at the effects sugar has on the body. :slight_smile:

Yes they probably are and wheat/ gluten withdrawal. I will check out that film thanks

Hi! I’m thinking about going fully Huel next week. I’ve just done a week of 2 scoops breakfast, 3 scoops dinner and a light lunch. I’m also walking a bit over 10,000 steps a day. I’m doing 1200 calories, (MyFitnessPal) and have read the previous comments saying 1500 is low, so I’m not sure if I’m doing this right? I’m 5 ft 1, 74.3kg. My BMR is 1415. Any advice much appreciated as I find it very confusing!!

Hi @JoCo it totally depends on your height, weight, gender, age and current BMR / muscle mass / fitness level.
I’m also 5ft 1, I’m 39, 64kg and very active. On inactive days I need to eat only 1400 to maintain my weight, and on active days I need 1700-2300 depending how much exercise.
If my day consisted of mainly sitting, plus 10000 steps and I wanted to lose weight then I would aim to eat 1200 calories.
So, your 1200 seems about right (although if you’re in your 20s (?) this would be too low).
10000 steps might feel like a lot if you’ve been inactive for a long time, but it’s really only a minimal amount of activity for one day.
If you do boxercise you will probably burn about 400 calories in an hour (you could get a chest band heart rate monitor if you want to know accurately - this is just a guess based on my own experience).
On the days you are doing extra exercise you might want to increase your calorie intake a bit. Or you could average it over the week so you are eating the same calories every day - depends what you prefer - the result will be the same.

Once you’re exercising more you will need more than 1200 calories a day for sure.

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I’m also on 1200 calories a day, 5ft 4 and currently 93kg (started at 106.6kg).1200 is the target MFP gave me for a 2lb a week weight loss and I have to say I have found it easier than I thought since I started using Huel for breakfast and lunch. Given your daily step count and current weight that sounds about right to me