Huel promoting at events

I recently competed my bike challenge and I had a thought at the feed stations that events would be a great way to get the product out and make people aware of Huel. It would be good to advertise by having a stall with free pieces of the Huel bar which I found was great while riding and makes a change from too many gels which can cause stomach issues. There were 2500 riders so 1/4 bar pieces would be ideal for people to try.
Even better would be to have different bars with tweaked ingredients for energy or recovery, the market is huge so seems like a great way to expand.

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This is a great idea, and something we’d like to look into doing, but we don’t have the staff to do this currently. As we grow I’m sure you’ll start seeing us around more and more (you may have seen us at a few events recently!).

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You don’t necessarily need a lot of people. So long as you have one or two knowledgable people to answer questions and one that just gets it into people’s hands - you’ll do well.

Good signage and strong brand presence is what it’s about. Most people will just grab one and then look it up later when they’re at home.

Absolutely, we don’t need a lot of people, but we don’t have any to spare at the moment really. As I say though, it’s definitely something we want to look to do this in the future.