Huel cafe

Wouldnt it be cool to open a Huel bar where people can stop in for a Huel meal and there are nutrition/sports events, events for the community etc? :grin:


Ah I love that idea! We actually don’t really do pop up events and that sort of thing. If we did, it would be epic to have a big Huel meet up somewhere central for everyone. Some Huel, some music, meet some people. Evangelise about Huel to every single person who walks past with an enthusiastic, borderline aggressive fervour.


The forum come to life…


Ace, another cult. Get everyone to drink Huel-Aid, with Rev Tim Official Jones.


Reminds me of a Tupperware rally for some obscure reason.

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I’ve got the goldfish bowl…bring your car keys everyone.

Trust you to lower the tone :laughing:

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What about organising a Huel dinner party.

I’m up for this

We can have cana-peas-oats-riceprotein etc

Read my mind! It would be fab in so many ways - Huel on the go, indoctrinating mates, complete food meetups and outreach…

Strip Jack naked? Pass the bong round? With Huel powder in it of cause


You really should do sports events. The crap you get given as “nutrition” at some sports event aid stations is horrendous.

Likewise festivals.