Any plans for another mix’n’mingle this year?

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I hope so! I missed the last one. @Tim_Huel any plans for one?

I love how keen you guys are to meet up and socialise with us and everyone! We don’t have plans to do one this year. For our 2nd birthday we celebrated with the Mix & Mingle. This year we sent out birthday cake to as many as we could and gifts to other Huelers. It was really fun though but a lot of work! However, I certainly wouldn’t rule out doing one again. If you guys organise a random meet up then let us know and I’ll do my best to come and bring along some others!

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Have you ever thought about having a stall at a vegan fayre? They seem to be springing up all over the place nowadays, and I would think you would pick up plenty of new subscribers that way . I’m gutted there won’t be another mix’n’mingle. I can’t imagine a non-corporate event generating the same interest and attendance. )

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It would be awesome to see Huel at such an event. There is a vegan faire frequently in the centre of Cambridge, at the Guild Hall - please come!

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@Tim_Huel any thoughts on this?

Same for fitness events - I’ve said before on here that if Huel could tap into the fitness market with its great macros and GI it’d take off something shocking. I know there are no plans to market Huel at fitness enthusiasts, but I’d certainly keep it in your back pockets.

I love the idea of getting out to events and expos to show off Huel! We’ve done a few before, including having a great time at the Natural & Organics Product Expo. If we’re being totally honest though it is quite a lot of work and manpower and the marketing team are focusing our efforts heavily in our online efforts. Going to a show would involve taking about half the marketing team out the office! Goodness knows I would love to get out and about and meet some of you lovely people though!

There was cake?

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