Seasonal tip (with apologies to vegetarians and vegans)

Empty huel bags are perfect for disposing of those horrible bits of turkey carcass once you’ve boiled them up and picked them over for the soup!

I thought you was going to say blending turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce with Huel is a good Christmas shake.

Don’t you put them in your food waste recycling?

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Some councils still don’t do this! I’m looking at you South Norfolk District Council :confused:

My council doesn’t do this either, but I don’t create any food waste.

That’s astonishing… It’s crazy as it’s fairly basic composting. Think all three councils I’ve lived under have done it. Currently throw everything in my “little brown bin”, egg shells, chicken scraps, fat, veg cuttings.

That has surprised me as well, I just presumed we all ( in the UK ) had food recycling.

My council doesn’t currently have food recycling but is considering doing so in the near future. I actually generate very little food waste and my general, non-recyclable waste bin takes weeks to fill.

I will be at Glastonbury festival this year. I am hoping that piss filled Huel RTD bottles will be great vessels for lobbing at Kylie when she plays the main stage, Apologies to any Kylie fans…vegan, vegetarian or not.

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Remember your Shewee then so you can easily fill up the bottles.

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I will just throw my dirty undies at her head, but they might fall short and hit @Wendy_Shepherd on the head.:joy::joy::joy:

Yep, four years ago I was within Norwich boundary and recycled food waste. Now I’ve moved a couple of fields away nothing from SNDC :slightly_frowning_face: