Hot spicy Curry..... delicious!

Just tried it for the 1st time, really tasty. 400ml boiling water + cold to top up, stock cube, 1tsp siratcha hot sauce, 1 tsp tikka curry powder, 75g unflavoured/unsweetened. I mixed the stock cube and spices 1st with hot water, added Huel, shook & topped up with more water to 700ml. Really yummy, great for dinner.


Have you used it with anything such as over rice noodles or just as a Huel drink?

I keep meaning to use some UU to thicken a homemade curry but haven’t got round to it yet.

I have just been to a function where the vegan option was vegetable curry and rice. WITH TVP. How 1980s was that. There is nothing wrong with TVP, just I can’t remember the last time I saw a catering company put it on the menu.

I did have a bottle of Huel RTD just in case, and I nearly resorted to it, because the curry was blander than bland.

And in other big news I was given 4 jars of Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo. I don’t buy their products but as it was free…

Finally I have today also been given a vegan Ginster’s pasty. Only launched last week. Not too bad. Moroccan spiced (the real taste of Cornwall).

Also bumped into Boycie the bloke off of only fools and horses. It’s been a busy day on this island in the middle of nowhere.


Have you tried the Greggs vegan sausage rolls yet?

I have and they are alright, but better than those are the Aldi vegan sausage rolls in the frozen section. ÂŁ1.19 for 4 that are about the same size as the Greggs ones.


they’re rather tastly

I shall try this on my next order

My huel drinks are 180grams though so i suppose doubling all your ingredients will produce the same result you had, which im expecting to be nothing less than “yummy”.

Brilliant :joy:

Continuing your derailment of the thread, did you see KFC are trialling an “impostor burger”?

And going back to the original post, @Chalk welcome back to the forum, did you shake this recipe up in your Huel shaker? I’ve found a lot of pressure builds when the water is warm

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Yes, plenty of vegans in Bristol are raving about it; me not so much.

Them: Yeah, but if you want to make an impact in reducing their use of animal use, buy their vegan products.

Me: If you want to make an impact…chuck a brick through their window.

People don’t get the irony of the Imposter burger.

Never been into a KFC in my life…(probably) never will. Have been to McD tho…but only to use the toilet and nick the paper towels.



This actually made me gag. It. Was. Awful.