Doing a mini carnivore experiment, feel like I am spending half my life cooking, miss Huel already it's only been 2 days haha

quick back story. a friend often goes full vegan every January. And he has inspired me to do the same in March.

Call it plant based only or ‘no meat’ for any vegan warriors out there who wanna argue about the terminology.

Been vegan on and off for a number of years due to strong interests in Buddhism, not here to debate morality though tonight.

The last time I was eating zero meat and dairy, a friend eating a carnivore diet inspired me to eat a plate of meat and I felt like it brought me back to life, like something was missing that my body needed.

18 months on and I would like to go full ‘vegan’ (call it what you will) again starting in March.

So I went to the butchers and bought a load of meat the other day before I begin, haha. Not exactly in the spirit of true veganism I know but this has also merged into some experiments.

The 1st is I thought I’d just try eating only meat again for a few days. And straight after I will go 100% Huel.

I have a feeling this time it will be different because being full plant based (no meat and no dairy) using Huel I believe maybe I will be getting all the nutrients my body needs.

I can say, weirdly, last night when eating a Peri Peri half chicken leg, half way through the thought came that I was eating dead flesh from an animal, which I had not thought of before in that way, maybe because prior to this I am been pretty much all in on Huel for the last 10 days or so.

It hasn’t stopped me eating some Cumberland sausages today but I can tell you something, the amount of cooking I feel I have been doing after going all in on Huel for the last 10 days or so, feels like half my day is spent preparing, cooking and washing up after meals!

Anyway no major purpose to this post just thought I would share and get some interesting opinions in response.

Hey there, sounds like an interesting self-experiment! I’m confused though, so currently you are eating up the meat you bought from the butchers, once that’s done you’ll go 100% Huel? Just forewarning you that this will be a pretty stark change for your body and gut, so expect some complaints, but I know you’ve had Huel a lot before so that should help you out!

Yes I imagine this will be better. I think this is often a problem when people adopt a plant-based diet, they don’t adapt their diet to make sure it contains all the nutrients that are missing from cutting out meat/dairy etc. They just cut those out and eat a bit more of the same stuff as before - so easy to do. Huel will help you out this time!

All the best, keep us posted!

But no need to get those defences up. We aren’t vegan warriors, let’s keep it nice!

Yeah so in March I plan to for at least one month eat no animal products at all.

I’ll probably do mostly Huel products but I also like to have steamed veg too and beans etc with some spices or stock cubes etc for flavour.

That’s good to know.

I feel good eating mostly Huel. Really good to be honest. Energetic. Balanced state of mind.

Good luck for March! I think a lot of people go vegan and end up not eating enough calories without realising. It’s easy to end up feeling low energy and tired that way. Hopefully Huel will help make sure you’re consuming enough calories (as well as other nutrients) to function with plenty of energy for the day! I recommend adding some tofu to the Mexican Chilli h&s, it’s really good.

Looking forward to it. A friend cooks some really good homemade food and often shares it with me to freeze and eat when I wish to, so I am just getting it all eaten before I begin on 1st March. So I have not been eating much Huel recently and I am sure I don’t feel as good, I feel more tired after meals in comparison.