Finally I can be Vegan!

Had my first batch of Huel delivered yesterday, immediately loving my decision to order!

I actually enjoy cooking and don’t have time issues, but I have wanted for ages to follow a vegan diet but always struggled to get my protein intake enough to support my gym with Vegan food, without either having to consume far too many calories to reach protein goal or resorting to Soy/Mock Meat products that I don’t agree with.

My plan is to have around 1500 cals a day from Huel and a 1000 from normal meals, which is what I did yesterday and really happy so far. The taste is not offensive at all, and it kept me feeling full for hours but without feeling “heavy & tired” from food as I usually do after lunch.

As many of mentioned, the wind was in force, but luckily I work from home and live alone!


Great to hear, thanks for the feedback Kevin! Sounds like you’ve got it all figured out which is great. If you ever do get some free time, be sure to try cooking with Huel, as I need as many pictures as I can get for the cooking with Huel page.

I’m finding the more Huel I drink the less I want meat. Pictures of fully loaded burgers are making me feel squeamish - odd, I’d normally eat anything with a pulse that couldn’t get away