Increased Vegan & reduced Carbon

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Totally new to posting in a forum so apologies if I’ve not got the concept of the categories etc fully.

One of the reasons I have been trying to make my diet more plant based and have a higher number of vegan meals (not managed to make the leap completely but am trying to be a week day vegan) is to reduce my carbon impact.

I wondered if anyone else had been interested or motivated by this and wondered if any of the Huel team had done any research as to the numbers of the impact if you switched from non vegan meals to 2 vegan meals a day following the Huel plan?

Would be interested to know! Excited for this to be one of the benefits of Huel!



Hey there, great to have you on the team and a big welcome to the Forum! Don’t worry too much about categorisation, it’s really not a problem!

Love that this was your main driver to use Huel. People use Huel for so many different reasons so it’s great to hear what got you into Huel.

We haven’t done any research specifically on Huel and the effect, it’s something I would love to achieve though. However making a move to a more plant-based diet will certainly help and the United Nations have done a lot of research on this. Here are some interesting resources from the FAO:

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Thanks Tim, that’s an interesting article with some great stats- a good selling point for you guys!
Carbon is definitely one of the drivers including weight loss, easier calorie control, easier cooking as I manage a disability, research has shown a vegan diet can help pain management and to reduce my food waste!! I’m excited to get my delivery of my starter kit tomorrow and I can see lots of potential benefits!

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