Switching to a Plant based Diet

Hi - I’m just in the throws of switching to a plant based fiet. As an ultra runner, I’m really keen to see how much this will prove things for me (based on research, hopefully alot).

I’ve got weight to lose not tons - 5/6lbs. I was going to use Huel two meals a day, then a solid evening meal. Will this tick the boxes for nutrition/plant based, and also will it help with weight loss (obvs with working out!).

I figured for me Huel could be an easy option as I work remotely so struggle to access healthy food.


Huel has everything you need for day-to-day life. If you’re doing ultras or long distance training you might want to top it up with extra carb sources on your runs, as you would with ‘normal’ food.

For me, a regular runner, I’ve had no problems with Huel and running, and tbh feel like I can run much sooner after having Huel than I would after traditional food.

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I’ve been plant based 100% for several years and started running ultras in 2016 a short time after using Huel for around 80 to 90 % of my nutrition. Huel has definitely played a big part in me feeling so healthy and energetic.
I’ve run three 100 km ultras and ride 100 miles every Sunday and most of my nutrition consists of Huel along with plant milk and fruit.
I use Tailwind nutrition for extra carbs while exercising which is Vegan so no animal products and I agree with David in terms of needing extra carbs as well as using Huel.
I believe you will notice benefits of using Huel for 2 of your meals a day and also benefits from going plant based.
Good luck with the Ultras and with Huel.

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Cheers Guys. Ordered today!

I would always eat additional on any long run, so was just thinking as a standard diet/replacement for current meal structure.



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Will it help you lose weight? That’s hard to answer. Drinking Huel won’t automatically make you lose weight. It depends what you are replacing with Huel and how many calories were in that compared to the Huel. Eating fewer calories than before will make you lose weight for the same level of activity regardless of food source.