Meat Flavors

Hello, love Huel and try to use it 100% for at least several days out of the week. However, the feeling that I’m not actually consuming food does always play mentally and can make it hard to stick to Huel on many days.

Has Huel ever considered chicken, beef, pork and similar kinds of flavor boosters? I imagine the result to be something akin to maybe chicken/beef/pork etc. soup, and I think it could actually go a long way to helping with the food craving aspects of consuming a lot of Huel.

I’m not someone who generally eats much other than meat, haha. Not particularly into sweet or fruity foods.

Haha… Oh dear

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Is that all you can be bothered with?

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I don’t get it, haha? I know Hhel is vegan but surely artificial meat flavors are possible without any meat products?

I’m sure they are but it doesn’t really sit does it, selling a vegan product but here’s a flavour to make it taste like chicken. And people will never move away from animals if they just make their vegan food taste like an animal.

I think it does sit if nothing is harmed in the making of it. Is like fake meat the vegetarian stuff, Quorn. Don’t see much different. If it makes it much easier for people like me to make the switch, and I can substitute actual meat cravings for the kind of meat soups Huel experience, I think this is a positive result.


There’s a post on here somewhere about using miso as a favouring. I’ve not done it yet but plan to

That’s not a bad idea, actually. Will need to seek out that thread and see how it went.

Have to say I agree with you on this. Some people do really miss the taste of meat when they give it up - in fact most people’s rationale for why they could never stop eating meat is because they like the taste. I consider myself fortunate that I never enjoyed meat or fish at all, so it was super easy for me to give it up, as it wasn’t something I wanted to be eating anyway. These days companies like Memphis Meats are working on lab grown meat to fill this need without the animal cruelty inherent in animal agriculture. But back to meat flavoured Huel, it sounds vile to me, but then obvs it would, however if, as you suggest, they could make it so that it tasted similar to meat soups, it’s perfectly possible there would be a market for that. After all, not everyone who uses Huel is vegan or vegetarian.

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Being non veg(etari)an myself I wouldn’t jump on a diet without at least fish, as I do now with 2 Huel meals + 1 normal meal. But, even if I often joke about an experiment blending my beloved tuna with Huel, I don’t think I would really enjoy liquid meat. Yes meat soup is a thing and is great (especially with tortellini), but I don’t know, it feels different than drinking it from a shaker. Especially because it should be hot, that at the moment would harm Huel nutrients.

And most of all, it wouldn’t solve the fact that texture is a very important part of a meal, especially with meat. But I’ve heard on a video on a well-known tech YT channel that there’s an american (I believe) company that claims to have reached perfect veg-meat by genetically engineering some components of animal blood that give to meat it’s distinctive flavor, so maybe we’ll see Huely Cow! in the future. :smiley:


Meaty Huel ?
That’s just so wrong !!!
Almost as wrong as fishy Huel !!

I’m my mind (which may be wrong?)…
Huel is that lovely drink which can taste of nothing or maybe those who like a slightly sugary taste add a little flavouring!
The versatility of Huel is such you CAN add your own flavours and vary these depending on your mood (‘tonight Matthew… I’m going to be … )

So keep on as you are Huel :+1:

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I think it would be great if huel did some more savory flavor boosts (I was thinking more various vegetable soup style flavors as I’m vegetarian though hehe) but…don’t they say not to heat Huel much because of the vitamin content or something? I wouldn’t imagine a lukewarm huel meat soup would taste that great. Unless you’re not that bothered about missing out on some of the vitamins in some of your huel meals.

You can use yeast extract to make a meaty flavour. I personally think a meat flavoured shake would be pretty grosss but then I don’t eat animals.

I don’t actually know why I typed that. I am a vegan and I do like some meaty tasting vegan products.

Anyway. Here is what you need. Suitable for vegans too

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Also Google Hereford herbs and spices. They do chicken and bacon flavour spices…seem to get good reviews.

I’ve had a browse through their flavours. I love/loved smokey bacon flavour crisps but not sure how it would work in shake form. Could be good. They have some other funky flavours too - horseradish, anyone? Chilli? Acorn?? Bergamot? And probably the strangest of all - tobacco. Tobacco flavoured Huel - anyone fancy giving it a go? :slight_smile:


Yeah as I said the problem with reproducing meat is that it’s not all about flavour. Maybe I’ll try one day, but I’ll stick to my real salmon and swordfish and occasional chicken anyway, also following my nutritionist program. :slight_smile: But Bacon Huel…maybe :smiley:

Thanks, but no thanks :nauseated_face::grinning:

I’m a meat eater but the thought of a meat flavoured shake is kind of, off putting to me might as well just drink a soup or some gravy :joy:, or just don’t remove meat from your diet try having Huel for morning and lunch then some meat and veggies for dinner?


For a warm soup kind of huel Im using very hot water, adding stock cubes (so far only veg and chicken ones, beef might be ok too) and kale or spinach and most often a truck load of curry, and give it a good blend. To get a little more bite in it I either heat up some raw cauliflower or precooked chickpeas and use my ‘soup’ as a gravy. I’m very happy with that concept - I even recently craved that over pizza :exploding_head::flushed: