HUEL for charity?

Hi everyone our UK food bank has been getting more visitors each day recently and with the christmas season approaching we expect even more ! I have been a Huel-er for a few weeks and i think this could be the answer to our food banks problem of not having enough food to go round, does anyone know if huel support charities like ourselves ?


I donated a full sealed bag of huel that I didn’t want (didn’t like the flavour) to my local community centre food bank but two months later it was still there as no one wanted it…

Although we all think Huel is great, I think most people going to food banks have families to feed and prefer food that they can cook and make hot meals out of, to be able to feed the kids.

Huel is also very affordable at only ÂŁ1.45 a meal, so most people on a very low income could afford to feed themselves on Huel if they wanted to.

I’m not saying it wouldn’t be great to have Huel in food banks, but I wonder how successful this would really be?


Huels not that affordable if your making meals for a family you could make meals less then 1.45 a head (unless you consider time money) also If your forced to have huel because of poverty e.g. Food banks then it can feel like your being given… I don’t know the right word… slop, gruel, something they would give in Victorian poor houses only this time its nutritional.

Food banks should give normal food to give you the dignity of feeling normal.

It’s a slippery slope, before long huel could be associated with poverty and prisoners and something respectable people shouldn’t touch.


I don’t know if Huel supports charities, but I think your idea if worth considering. I think if there was information (maybe a sign or something) about what it actually is, a nutritionally complete powdered food with a long shelf life, a lot of people using food banks would be very interested in having it. Good luck with this anyhow! Don’t know if they will donate (they would be unlikely to get any profit from doing so, even at £1.45 a meal people on low income will probably struggle paying £40+ In one go to buy it themselves even if they do like it) but I don’t see any harm in pursuing this idea :slightly_smiling_face:
(Sorry for long rant :flushed:)

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